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I've checked that the "Carryover" function is active (in the "Master" tab) of each patch, but I cannot figure out why it's not doing so... any ideas?.. what I missing?... just new at the CORE, any help is appreciated!
Buy and Sell / Wayne Joness Filter/Buffer GR ...
Last post by Bamboscha - Today at 11:43:05 AM
For sale, one Wayne Joness subsonic filter/buffer for the GR-55/VG-99. Great condition. I'm assuming I can afford to be lazy with my description on here, as all you V-guitar nerds know what this is. If not, have a look at the following link

Pics are available, but I'm having difficulty uploading them on here. Apparently they are too large. I will try to remedy this as soon as I can.

£100, based in Lancashire.
Yes, Windows 10 and 11 are supported.
Buy and Sell / Roland GK-3 for sale UK
Last post by Bamboscha - Today at 11:24:48 AM
For sale, a brand new, unused GK-3 in original packaging. I have had the package open but not used, it's all there. £120. Based in Lancashire. Unable to upload a photo at the moment as apparently, the file is too large.
Boss SY-1000 - Examples / Re: Nice SY-1000 performance o...
Last post by stub - Today at 11:22:18 AM
Thanks for breaking all that down. That's quite a nice lesson in SY-1000 Sorcery.
Buy and Sell / Roland GR-55 for sale UK
Last post by Bamboscha - Today at 11:13:51 AM
For sale, my GR-55 in fabulous condition, light home use only. Includes power supply. £350 Based in Lancashire.
Wow.  And the last VG-99 update was back in the Mojave days.   Sadness.   But cool for the GR-55 dudes and dudettes.
VGuitar Recordings / New VGuitar recordings
Last post by VGRando - Today at 08:04:50 AM
Most tunes feature VG technology.

Roland GR-55 Discussion / Re: Mac OS 11,12,13 drivers av...
Last post by HCarlH - Today at 07:23:36 AM
Thanks for the update. I have been waiting *forever* for this. I'm on Ventura.
A driver saves the hassle of hooking up the GR-55 AND the interface to the laptop.

I just verified the latest version of GR-55 Librarian works.
General Discussion / Re: Software version of VG tec...
Last post by gumtown - Today at 02:50:59 AM