FTP - Show us your Triple Play Guitars

Started by merman93, April 20, 2013, 12:18:34 PM

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Just repurposed my Roland GK-3 pickup for use with the Tripleplay Connect controller. I used 8 pin, 1.5 pitch connectors to fashion a Y-cable to drive both the GK board and Connect board off of one pickup.


And this usb extension mounted to the access plate:


The signal is perfectly sufficient (I am able to get the Tripleplay meters maxed with moderate pick strength).  Others have had issues using the GK pickup to drive the Tripleplay and you will if your GK pickup is not close enough to the strings and is not mounted with at least 20 mm of distance from the bridge.  The weak output with the GK pickup close to the bridge is why I don't recommend using the Roland Les Paul GK mount as the distance is too close, especially on the high e string.  It is nearly impossible to get an adequate signal at the distance that the GK mount provides.

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