TC Electronic Flashback X4 Delay and Looper pedal

Started by Elantric, September 20, 2012, 02:09:50 PM

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TC Electronic Flashback X4 Delay and Looper pedal

After the huge success of the original TC Electronic Flashback TC decided to take the Flashback to the next level with the TC Electronic Flashback X4 by adding the features needed to bring the Flashback right to the battle of 'best delay pedal ever'. And that's a fight they seriously intend to win! The new TC Electronic Flashback X4 features a dedicated tap tempo footswtich, 3 presets available by the other three footswtiches, 4 tone print slots and excitingly a built in 40 second looper with undo function! The Flashback X4 features stereo inputs and outputs, true bypass (or switchable buffer) and Midi in/out control for tempo syncing with other MIDI enabled gear!

TC Electronic Flashback X4


    16 top quality TC Electronic delays
    4 TonePrint slots for storing even more of your favorite artist TonePrints on one pedal!
    3 preset switches for instant access to all the delays you£ll ever need.
    40?second looper with undo.
    MIDI and expression pedal ports
    True Bypass or switchable Buffer Bypass


Price point?  I see it has a USB port as well as MIDI ports.  Interesting to see how it stacks up to the Pigtronix unit when it is released - I see Sweetwater is pricing the Infinity at $449 USD.
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Looks like apples to oranges vs. the Infinity.  This is only a 40 second looper, with no non-volatile storage.  More on par with a DD-20 or a headrush or something.

I really like the looks of the pedal layout on the TC, though.  A dedicated undo/redo switch rocks!  I'm having such a hard time in that the loopers that have a UI that appeals to me don't have the features I need, and vice-versa.  :(


I'm trying to find out the shortest delay-time in flashback 2 both the x4 and the "normal"
Can't seem to find it by googling.
The closest seem to be this from the manual
QuoteDELAY knob – Use this knob to adjust the time of the delay. Most delay types have a range of 20 ms to 7000 ms (7 seconds!).
But I'm not 100 about what that means.
20 ms is the absolute minimum?....

Anyone on the forum that knows ?

I'm interested in it as a delay due to the mash function and the expression pedal input.
(I already got the ditto x4 for looping along with electrix repeater , lexicon jamman, boss dd-20 and some more looping gear.)

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