GA-FC & expression pedal question

Started by jodlarji, November 23, 2022, 05:38:04 AM

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I'm wondering if it is safe to hook both GA-FC expression pedal inputs to single expression pedal via "Y" stereo cable (or two separate TRS cables) to control two different things (say volume OR wah if enabled or wah AND pedal bend simultanesly)?



Doubtful, I think it's reasonable to assume the each socket has its own analogue to digital circuit to measure the pedal position. Can't you assign ONE pedal to do two things?


Quote from: philjynx on November 23, 2022, 08:04:58 AMCan't you assign ONE pedal to do two things?
Thats just it... You can not assign more than one parameter per input (Exp 1 and Exp 2) in Katana...


I don't think you would damage anything electrically by trying, might even work. It depends a little on how they've organized resistors on the inside. They probably have some resistor in series from 3.3V to the positive output, meaning that resistance would be made half in your circuit giving a slightly higher voltage range than normal on the two inputs.
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