Once again (sorry), GP-10 and Windows 10

Started by jim-analog, November 10, 2022, 02:52:35 PM

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  Sorry to be beating on this horse again! Does a Win10 driver for the GP-10 really exist? I've spent better part of two days following dead links, ending up at pages that don't work, etc.. I'm trying to get my GP-10 to communicate again with a Win10 LapTop (same exact scenario with two computers). Round and round in circles at the Boss web pages, there is no Windows 10 driver I can find (reference to it yes, but no actual driver available). So, I don't know if I have the correct driver installed or not and can't find the one that is supposed to exist. I don't know for sure what driver had been in use, just hadn't paid attention. Whatever was there, it had worked fine till recently.

 Background: I've had the GP10 for around 3 years, it worked great with BTS editor and librarian, all fantastic, I really love it! Somewhere about 6 months ago the GP10 would no longer communicate with BTS; "GP10 connection failure" when attempted. Could have been various normal/periodic Windows auto-updates causing problems, but it was not an entire OS change. Also, my computers won't support W-11. Thought I had a USB issue, but no. Tried second computer (also W10) same issues. Both computers see the GP10 via USB and the GP10 sees a computer. Tried all the simple stuff, cables, etc. no go.

 Connecting the GP10 to a computer that hadn't seen it before and turning it on, BTS sees it and shows a box to connect to Roland/Boss to get the driver; that ends up being a dead page. I tried manual driver update (via device manager), it says it currently has the best driver available. Uninstalled all the drivers and reinstalled, no luck. Device manager lists all the I/O as 8 separate devices; GP10 In, GP10 Out and 6 GK "pairs". Looking a bit deeper, it's a Microsoft "AudioEndPoint" driver that shows under device manager for those GP10 devices, not a Roland/Boss product (as far as I can tell). Here are the details:

Device SWD\MMDEVAPI\{}.{a44029a4-bc7c-4d10-ad0e-e2b8e680cfca} was configured.

Driver Name: audioendpoint.inf
Class Guid: {c166523c-fe0c-4a94-a586-f1a80cfbbf3e}
Driver Date: 12/06/2019
Driver Version: 10.0.19041.1
Driver Provider: Microsoft
Driver Section: NO_DRV
Driver Rank: 0xFF0000
Matching Device Id: MMDEVAPI\AudioEndpoints
Outranked Drivers: c_swdevice.inf:SWD\GenericRaw:00FF3001
Device Updated: false
Parent Device: USB\VID_0582&PID_0185\6&1fd42160&0&1

  Reading advice on the pages here at Vguitar, I also went thru the Core Isolation issue and Memory Integrity options (turned off now, but no help). What's interesting are 2 "incompatible" drivers listed that are from Roland and are visible in a list on the Windows Security page. One is noted for device GP10: the specifics are RDWM1147.SYS, 7-20-15, Ver 1, OEM47.INF and then another of the same RDWM1147.SYS without the additional specs showing. That was all the info I could find. I don't know where/how/if the Roland drivers are being used as device manager has the AudioEndPoint drivers listed for the GP10. I also don't know how to "swap them in".

 All I use BTS for is as an editor to build/modify patches and to act as patch librarian. I don't do any audio back and forth, DAW, sequencers, etc.. Is there any way I can get back to just that simple level of function with my current computer?

 If I absolutely have to, I'll buy a used laptop with an earlier Win OS. If there are no other options and that is required, what is the last/best stable driver supported version?

 I'd really appreciate any help, I can't think of anything else to try. I miss using the GP10, it's the first digital gtr synth I thought was any good (I have and still use all the old 24 pin GR stuff). Thanks much for any tips!

Regards, Jim



Try Gumtown's GP-10 editor to see if you can connect and rule out any BTS issues. Your GP-10 driver should show as installed in you installed programs.  Go to your add remove programs in control panel and see if GP-10 driver is listed. There is no driver to install from the website, it is automatically pulled from the windows update process. 
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Must have a fast internet connection  - and be lucky that the Microsoft remote Server is not in maintenance mode

typically you connect USB cable and wait for Win 10  / Win 11 to recognize the GP-10 as a Audio / MIDI device 

its reported if you contact the official Boss Zendesk  - they will email you a working USB driver for WIN 10




GP-10: Windows 10 Driver does not Install Automatically
6 years ago
The following is troubleshooting information if you're having problems installing Windows 10 drivers for the GP-10.


The computer automatically downloads the Windows 10 driver from the Internet when connected to the computer.
Windows 10 Mobile is not supported.
This driver cannot be used in a virtual Windows environment, such as Hyper-V or Virtual PC. Mac computers running Microsoft Windows are not supported.
Make sure you're not connected to a USB "hub." You need to be connected directly to one of the main physical USB ports on the computer. (On desktops, these would be on the back panel, not the convenient front panel ports).

You'd also want to disconnect any other USB devices (other than the mouse and/or keyboard) and reboot the computer with the GP-10 connected.

Verify that you're connecting the GP-10 to a USB 2.0 port. USB 3.0 ports are not compatible with the GP-10.

Try a Factory Reset on the GP-10:
CAUTION: All user information will be lost when performing a factory reset. Be sure to backup any information, patches, or custom system settings to wish to keep.

1. Turn on the GP-10's power.
2. Press the SYSTEM button repeatedly until "Factory Reset" appears in the display.
3. Press and release the WRITE button. "ARE YOU SURE ? " appears.
4. Press WRITE again. "Factory Reset Now executing" appears for about 5 seconds, and then the main screen appears. The reset is complete.

Try a different USB cable.

After confirming these things, reboot the computer and the GP-10 once again.


If the GP-10 is connected but cannot be used after waiting for 10 minutes, try installing the driver manually:

Connect the GP-10 to the computer using a USB cable.

Right-click the start button and then click "Device Manager."

In the View menu, click "Devices by type."

Click "Sound, Video and Game Controllers" or "Other devices" to display the GP-10 device.

When the GP-10 device appears, right-click it, and then select "Update Driver Software."

Select "Search automatically for updated driver software."

Your PC will begin searching for the driver, and the driver is installed automatically.

The installation is completed when the "Windows has successfully updated your driver software" message is displayed. Click "Close."
If the "System Settings Change" dialog box appears, click [Yes] to restart Windows.

If there is still a problem, you may want to see if the GP-10 shows up as a device or has the same problem while using a different computer altogether. If so, then that would rule out that the GP-10's USB port has a problem.