GWS-8 Guitar Wireeless

Started by peterpeng2015, October 25, 2022, 07:16:35 PM

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GWS-8 Lightweight, cost-effective guitar wireless receiver

GWS-8 Parameters
Sampling rate: 24bit/48khz
Latency: <12ms
range: >100feet outdoors
Noise: -98db
Dynamic range: >105db
Frequency band: 2.4ghz
Range: 30 meters
Frequency response range: 20~20Khz +1db-3db

Wireless receiver, one end belongs to the transmitter, the other end belongs to the receiver Easy to use, plug and play, easy to solve the wiring steps and wire limitations, personal practice, family gathering, band rehearsal, small stage,

Features: Memory pairing, pairing is successful, no need to repeat pairing after restart, best stage play, can use multiple pairs, can use up to 6 pairs, can be used for electric piano, electric drum, electric guitar, electric violin, etc. and other related electronic instruments , one transmitter and multiple receivers, one transmitter with 2 or 6 receivers at the same time, no need for more line transfers.

The signal is stable, 2.4GHz is the standard for WiFi routers using wireless phones, and the transmitter covers at least 70 feet
Don't worry about signal loss when moving, with channel switching and frequency hopping functions to prevent signal interference,

Sampling rate: 24bit/48khz uncompressed to restore sound quality, stable digital signal transmission to avoid linear attenuation of impedance and capacitance, long-distance wired transmission, high-frequency interference and other problems
Low latency, >12ms latency, (1 sec = 1000ms) Imperceptibly small latency, sensitive response.