VG 88 Effects Button

Started by Royarn, October 19, 2022, 10:03:30 AM

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For some reason my effects button has stopped working, done a factory reset, changed battery, works on rare occations if i keep pressing the button, is this likely the button itself  :'( or a setting i'm missing. sorry i'm very new to VG's so hoping for help.


A few drops of isopropyl alcohol between the chassis square cutout, and the button might save you from dismantling your VG88.  Once the drops have gone in, leave it overnight!  Go for 100% isopropyl alcohol, as some products offer a diluted strength solution - not a good idea.

If that doesn't work, then it's a strip down job to the switch itself. A VG88 service manual link download is available here at the forum.

Good luck.

Further switch problem solutions. Havent viewed it but read through the comments.


Thanks for the reply, didn't look like any way other than a strip down these tactile buttons/switches are sealed so no way for fluids to enter, so I've stripped it down and ordered new button.
Thanks Roy.