Gr55 continental tone

Started by synthgtr, August 26, 2022, 05:30:40 PM

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Which tone sounds most like 60s vox continental organ,like in house of the rising sun..... 1st time I've posted so maybe I'm doing things right.... :-*


you can download the tone list here

copying that exact organ could involve blending in some of the analog organ model (manual p. 37), and EQ-ing it to your taste. Maybe running it through an amp model.

I find digital samples are often too good and you have to dirty them up and dumb them down.

Best of luck in your endeavors
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It will have to be trial and error, find a group of tones in the list for the requred category PCM Synth Tone numbers 60~91,
trial them, and also try shighting the Octave +/- to get a differnt tone,
for example a pipe organ (PCM Synth tone numbers 92~96) shifted up an octave or two, can give a "reedy" type of organ sound, something you might not expect from the instrument type.

One thing that does not get mentioned much on the GR-55, are the array of controls for each PCM synth voice,
 ADSR, Filters, Modulations/LFO.
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