Recovery effects Ghost writer anyone have one ?

Started by threaders, June 11, 2022, 12:30:24 AM

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I just ordered a recovery effects ghost writer. I believe that they are pretty new and I only saw one recently when searching for a guitar to midi converter. At £200 I hope they work well. I am hoping that it is better than the sonuus g2m v3 as that was good but not 100%
If anyone has tried one let me know. According to the company they track as well as an ehx whammy but ive never tried that either.
Ill post a video when it arrives. Cheers and all the best :)


I have not yet seen or heard one, but when you get yours, please let us know.  8)
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i checked out a couple of videos, it does seem to be effective, but i wonder about sustain.

it would be nice if this type of pedal included a sustain pedal input.