NUX -NDD-7 Tape Echo

Started by admin, February 22, 2022, 06:36:25 AM

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Had my eye on this one for a couple of months.  From the demos and the comparisons it seems to be a really good unit - easily the equal of the previous Boss Space Echo emulation.  (RE20?)

It's a shame they couldn't find room for programmes - if they had, one would be on my regular board right now.  All of the parameters are accessible from CC messages but non of the pedal switchers I have my eye upon can send enough messages to properly change the sound.

There's a 'core' version which sounds the same in a regular pedal format, but I think the extra knobs and pedalboard real estate it takes up are definitely worth it.

Now if Nu-x decided to do a Binson emulation ...
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