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Started by admin, February 01, 2020, 01:48:02 PM

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Ok new update to rig lol

Been rerouting a few things the last few days instrument and cable wise and helix signal path wise... I think I'm done for now until something else comes and joins the fun lol. Just routed the ZOIA to my helix and to my SY-300 and SY-1000 units. Left in/out to helix and Right in/out to SY-300 that is going into SY-1000. This set up now lets me be able to play all synthesizers and guitar synthesizers into helix all at once if i wanted too or separately or different combos! And having ZOIA in the signal paths of helix allows me to add that to any of the synths signal paths and in the signal paths of my sy-1000 which has 4 paths as well. I can also play guitar as a controller with my gk pickup on the guitar into sy-1000 and then routed out with midi Y cables into 3 different synths for guitar to midi while playing the internal sy-1000 synths as well and still able to play keys too if i had enough hands to do it all :P May have to start using my feet for something haha.


I love my little space station ^_^ and I keep changing stuff lol, but this is what it looks like now. Waiting on the new korg opsix to come as well soon.


Indeed ! That is an amazing Pilot House Captain. The Vibes, Tones and Creations that come out of that Space/Time Continuum are Incredible ! and I for one am super appreciative of you sharing it all with us every step of the way BROCKSTAR, the Transmissions are Stunning !!!


Ok my rig now lol... always changing ahaha!

line 6 helix
boss sy-1000
korg wavestate
korg opsix
korg radias
asm hydrasynth
alesis ion
roland d-05
tasty chips electronic gr-1 granular synth / sampler
empress effects zoia
singular sound aeros loop studio


I'm thinking that SpaceX could take some pointers on cockpit design from you. 


In case you were wondering if SY-1000 fits in a BCB-90X case. It does; barely.

The wireless MIDI dongles (WIDI Master & WIDI Jack) make cable management manageable.

I added the HX Stomp to extend the FX selection, and eventually gave it its own power source.


Just getting my sy1000 in the mail today actually at the USP office because certain people might not be happy if they knew I spent that $$$ on me instead of them. Cant have them finding out I have that.

Expanding on this is going to happen. I already have an ibanez rg but I plan on getting a new guitar to use with my gk3 from my gp10 days. There are 2 keyboard controllers with broken usb connections that will benefit from the native instruments audio interface coming in today which also gets me a copy of some cool NI software like monark. I have a lot of vst but I have not been active in messing around with my music even my guitar has a broken string on it now.

future purchases will includde Fractal FM9 or FM3 or Axe FX3 if business is good and the wait for the FM9 is too long to contain myself.
poly beebo, meris hedra, Strymon Volante, and a neo ventilator are the main pedals I want to add on in the stereo category
mono pedals include Electric church a fuzz face by sabadius, Gypsy vibe or RW weavers midnight vibe or retrovibe by jam, SA ultrawave, freqout, LA Lady, attack decay, a small nux mg300 for use in the attack decays loop, Asabi, Vertigo, harmonius monk.

That is all I need right there. Of course that and a budget for my rent to own software especially composer cloud from east west.  oh and more guitars with internal solutions to plaing my sy1000


Quote from: Aph on February 28, 2020, 09:57:24 AM

I like how the GR-55 has an extra GK socket to loop out into the SY-1000.
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I play Country music too, I'm just not sure which country it's from...

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Quote from: myconsumerclub on January 17, 2022, 07:04:04 AM
Just getting my sy1000 in the mail today actually at the USP office because certain people might not be happy if they knew I spent that $$$ on me instead of them. Cant have them finding out I have that.

in my experience you can run but you can't hide. ;D


Quote from: chrish on January 17, 2022, 12:32:41 PM
in my experience you can run but you can't hide. ;D

Just leave the new SY-1000 under some towels and ask your wife to help look for that old blue pedal you left around the house some time ago.
Then whip it out and say "here it is, thought I had left it somewhere".
Free "GR-55 FloorBoard" editor software from


It's a clever idea, but she'd see through it in a heartbeat. "Are you doing a bit?"


There was the story at the gear page about the guy with a bunch of black S style guitars so his less observant wife wouldn't necessarily notice. 

I personally do have a certain limit as to the amount of guitars I can physically accomodate just due to space limitations.   

But the thing I thing I think about is that the guys who are famous for being great players seem to be known for playing a specific guitar - examples, Mike Bloomfield's burst, Peter Green's famous guitar (with two subsequent famous owners), Stevie Ray's beat up strat, Eric Johnson's "Virginia" - even guys known for large collections like Slash are best known for playing the Derrig "Appetite" replica.  Rick Nielsen for the many guitars he owns but he's got some really special ones he sticks with.

But guitar synths?   I've got 3, having a collection gives you a wider collection of timbres so.....I have some extra room for those.
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