Hello from Mississippi! (Michael Smith, product manager )

Started by pvampmgr, September 01, 2015, 01:26:24 PM

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Hi all, I just joined and saw this thread so I suppose that it's SOP to do a little introduction here.  My name is Michael Smith, product manager at Peavey for pretty much anything that isn't sound reinforcement or software.   I wanted to join, as Steve reached out to me recently and we have a dialogue.  The new Vypyr Pro "system" will be shipping soon, and I look forward to reading on here when people have good and (hopefully not) bad comments.  Using the AT-200 with the complete pack and the amp together, I really tried to create a rig that was not only able to reproduce pretty much any type of tone, but do so in a way that was quickly tweakable on the fly from the stage during a show, regardless of where that gig is, inside or outside.  I'm sure that there will be things I missed, but I did pull from a lot of experience having toured extensively for many years.  I've owned just about every kind of rig you can imagine and have experienced the pitfalls of each type as well as the good stuff.   It's cool to read Steve's history, he's done a heck of a lot and obviously continues to do so.  I like smart people!

Here's a video of my old band that I founded back at Ball State University back in 1989.  ! No longer available   

Feel free to reach out to me anytime.  Michael.smith@peavey.com

Brent Flash

Welcome to the group pvampmgr!  :)


Michael - Welcome to the forum! I think you will find similar mindset guitarists here.

For those who might have missed it, here are all the details on  the new Vypyr Pro "system" that represents a great tool set for the modern guitarist

Vypyr Pro System

Michael has incredible experience and knowledge and is here to "soak-in" all the guitar tech we talk about daily here.

Happy you joined us!


Welcome Michael!  It is great to have you here.  I just got a Vypyr VIP 2 and love it so I am looking forward to hearing Steve's review of the Pro.  Wish I would have held off for a little while longer.

I went to high school at Muncie North Side for a couple of years in the mid 80s.. the HS was directly across the street from the entrance to Ball State if you are from that area or went to school there.