Ampero MINI not saving global settings or expression pedal in patched

Started by toofast, February 09, 2024, 08:22:24 AM

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Is there a trick to save the Global settings on the mini?  I could swear I changed them once and they just stuck - now, changing the display mode (from 30 minutes to forever) doesn't seem to stick.

Also, I have an expression pedal that I set and calibrated in each patch, and made sure to save each one.  Works great until I turn the unit off/on, then it has no clue what to do with the expression pedal.

Any thoughts?


According to the manual, Global settings are saved automatically and apply globally, while the Exp settings (e.g., range: min, max, curve) are saved per patch.

However, I'd be surprised if the Exp calibration is per patch.

Why are you calibrating per patch? Why not use the Expression Range settings? You can configure a different range for each different target, with up to 4 targets assignable per patch.

I just tried to repro with latest firmware 1.0B, making changes on the device rather than in the editor.

I can repro that the Display timeout is not being saved.

Everything else is working as expected for me.