GM-800 Hold Solo - with Chord Changes

Started by admin_shawnb, October 03, 2023, 10:16:55 PM

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This patch shows one possible technique for soloing over held pads.  The idea here was to try & be flexible, and allow you to change the pad chord occasionally, so it's not all just soloing over one chord.

CTL1 - Alternates between pad & solo voice; when solo voice is used, pad part strings are muted so the chord is unchanged by the solo.
CTL2 - Pad hold, Hold Type 1, which will allow chord changes

To use:
- Play a chord & press CTL2 to hold the chord
- Press CTL1 to solo
- To change pad chord, press CTL1 (unlit) & play a new chord
- Press CTL1 to solo

You want to palm mute before hitting CTL1 to solo.  CTL1 is lit when it's OK to solo, it's unlit when it's OK to play a new chord.

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I've discovered a new way to do this. It has some real advantages, and a few drawbacks, but it's pretty cool. We've seen string mutes and hold2 to accomplish the change from held chord to solo, here's a completely different approach.

The good/bad news is that this method uses a midi controller to play the chord. So a custom MIDI note source setting must be used. Since that setting is system wide, it means that GK notes won't play on any Part 4 sounds in all scenes. I can live with that, I think.

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By using midi notes to play the chords to hold, the guitar sound can be anything instead of being tied to the chord sound.

  • easy to solo guitar over synth with no muting or hold control needed
  • scenes for the held chord and solo are chosen independently
  • solo using any scene or with just guitar over the held synth chord
  • one (midi) control click plays the chord and sets the solo sound
  • only one more click changes to a different chord and can also change the solo sound

To do this, a midi controller sends note on's to play the held chord using part 4 of a scene. Parts 1-3 remain set to GK in and can be used for the solo synth guitar sound. The cool surprise is that scene changes can be made right after the note on messages and that will be the solo sound, while the chord sound remains held on the initial scene. Or a scene with only the midi part 4 can play the chord while a guitar solo's over it without synth.

The chord sound can be stopped with an All Notes Off midi message or it will stop when the scene is changed after playing some GK notes. But any scene can be selected, manually or with a midi PC, the chord will hold the original scene sound. However a program change to a new scene done after playing GK notes will stop the held notes.

The midi controller can store a selection of chords notes, so soloing over a series of different chords is simple. By starting each controller message series with a program change to the held scene, the chord sound is chosen. Sending All Off stops any previous held chord notes. Then new note on messages play the next chord. Adding a program change last can select any solo scene. The solo scene can be chosen manually too, but not after GK notes are sounding.

This is a program change to the GM-800 on channel 1, followed by note messages on channel 14 that will sound on part 4 of scene 112. If desired, a program change to a different scene can be added or done manually before soloing. Otherwise the scene 112 parts 1, 2 and 3 will be the solo sound. If these parts are all off, guitar alone can play over the held synth chord.

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Quote from: keitht on December 03, 2023, 09:48:49 AMGK notes won't play on any Part 4 sounds in all scenes. I can live with that, I think.

There is a way to avoid this limitation. By choosing channel 1 for Part 4 and turning on Guitar to Midi, also on channel 1, the GK notes will play on Part 4 if there is a connection or path from the GM-800 Midi Out to Midi In.

Since that connection uses up the Midi In jack, this means a merge for midi in is needed for controller chord notes and other midi sources. With the Graviton M1 connected to both Midi In and Out on the GM-800, using Midi Through makes a part 4 note path so the M1 can send those and chord notes back to the GM-800 on channel 1. It can also merge and send another midi input to the 800 using BLE Midi. As far as I can tell, this method does not change or affect the sound of factory presets that use Part 4, so I don't know of any reason not to stay with it permanently.

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