FYI: Boss VE 500 MIDI Patch/Bank-Select 5-pin MIDI and USB-Midi

Started by Boisdelac, September 27, 2023, 01:52:59 AM

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The Boss VE 500 got a standard 5-Pin-MIDI-Input and a Micro-USB-Connector which provides MIDI-In and MIDI-Output over USB. You need to have the certain Boss VE 500 driver installed on your PC. There is no standard 5-Pin-MIDI-Output.

Receiving MIDI-Input-Data the VE 500 understands at least MIDI-PC#, MIDI Bank-Selects, MIDI Timing Clock, and MIDI-CC# to controll internal functions which are assigned to the CC#. Via USB-MIDI it sends at least MIDI-PC#, MIDI Bank-Selects, MIDI Timing.

To select the user patch bank you have to select Bank 0 and send the certain patch PC#.

Select User Patch Bank = Bank Number 0

Send CC# 0 Value 0 (MSB)
Send CC# 32 Value 0 (LSB)

To select factory patch bank you have to select Bank 1 and send the certain patch PC#.

Select Factory Patch Bank = Bank 1

Send CC# 0 Value 1 (MSB)
Send CC# 32 Value 0 (LSB)

Once you select a Bank Number this Bank will remain selected.

To select user patches (there are 99 User patches 1...99) send

CC# 0 Value 0
CC# 32 Value 0
PC# Value 0...98

To select the factory patches (there are 50 factory patches) send

CC# 0 Value 1
CC# 32 Value 0
PC# Value 0...49

Hope this makes VE 500 MIDI a little bit clearer.


I have the VE-500 and cannot get it to send MIDI CC.  MIDI Channel 2 / CC29 / 0..127.  Has anyone had success with this?

Boss VE-500 settings

My goal is to toggle an FX Send Mute button on my mixer.  ...and, I have another midi controller that successfully accomplishes this, using the same midi cable.

I have the most recent firmware installed on the Boss unit, as well.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The VE-500 responds to MIDI PATCH CHANGE and Assigned external Source MIDI CC#   to Target VE-500 effects control.

VE-500 is not capable of transmitting user assigned MIDI CC#  or MIDI Program Change messages  , which means its not capable  of being a MIDI Controller

Review the VE-500 Parameter Guide

( observe all references to MIDI , are "Recieved MIDI,  no mention of Transmitted MIDI )

Only mention of MIDI TRANSMIT are SYSTEM CLOCK REALTIME messages


First, as Elantric already mentioned, the VE-500 does not send MIDI CC# (only Bank-Select Bank 0 and 1, which is also a kind of CC#). Second, the VE-500 does not provide a DIN-5-Pin-MIDI-Output. Only MIDI-Out over USB is provided. That means, you need a PC to connect to. So you can send the Mute-Signal from your PC using an app like Pocket-Midi.