Impossible to load patches on MOOER GE300

Started by seek18, July 25, 2023, 07:00:08 AM

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Hello group. I have a MOOER GE300 (the big one, not the lite one) and I'm trying to load the Mooer Studio swap patches but it's impossible for me. I get this message (see photo) it happens to me with all the patches. any idea of my mistake? thank you


Verify the patches you are loading are genuine GE300 patches, and not GE150 , GE250 patches. And be sure GE300 has all latest firmware and using latest Mooer Studio Editor. .

I get that error when I attempt to load a GE150 patch. - All Mooer GE pedals use same file extension , but GE300 will only load GE300 patches.


Yes, I am using the correct and specific patches. but that error appears. that's why I'm lost. thank you


Try saving and reloading a patch of your device. Then you'll know if the problem is with the patch itself or with the wiring or computer. Try different port and cable as well.