GT-6 External Bass and Treble parameters

Started by Jonta, March 08, 2023, 01:19:40 PM

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Hello GT users.
I have an GT-6, which I connect to my Marshall 800, by the four cable method. So I am using the effect loop on the GT and the amp. I  am putting the Gt in external mode, in the OD section. The External has a Bass and a Treble adjusting on the GT-6 (the GT-8 doesen't have this option, maybe older model has?)
With the GT-6 I am boosting the Mashall a bit, for more and better overdrive sound.
And I find out that I mainly have to boost the Bass parameter, and that works great for me.
Later, I have tryed other EQ effekt boxes, with only a bass boost. But it doesen't work that good.
So I have tryed to find out how this External Bass  parameter really works.
It looks like it's boosting around 80-100 Hz. But it is also cutting around 3-4 KHz. And now I am thinking that this treble cut it produce, is why this setting works so well on my Marshall.
Is it someone else who have experience with this External Bass/Treble parameters?


The GT-6 external loop is part of the OD/DS effect, so running through the same band pass filtering of the distortion effect is coloring the tone.
On later models of GT, the external loop has it's own dedicated effect block, and is a flat response/full range to the tone.
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Thanks for answer!
So you mean that the Dist effect module is coloring the tone, even if that the bass and treble parameters is set on nutral.
Anyway, I think that the bass is producing a hi mid cut....