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Started by mchad, January 26, 2023, 03:55:04 PM

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I'm glad to hear folks coming around to positive feelings about the Tonex.  I use mine mostly for practicing at home with headphones and have no plans to replace my Kemper + Kabinet for stage use.  After a bit of tweaking the sounds and pick response are really, really good.  But, as others have pointed out, the software is just short of awful and it's lacking in terms of built-in EFX.  I have to believe that IK will eventually offer a full-featured unit with the expected bells and whistles. 


I expect the same sales path as all other IK Multimedia products , a menu of software plugins sold individually which triple the initial cost of ToneX . - a bit like Eventide H9 sales model.

I notice huge gaps in the Tonex FX - zero modulation ( Tremolo, Chorus, Phaser), and I figure all amps exhibit high compression - thus no need for a Compressor FX model 

But frankly I'm excited Kemper added USB Audio I/O.

But I find myself practicing guitar with my Spark Mini and Bluetooth YouTube playback , with my phone as my most used home gear- while a tube guitar amp and a few mini FX  pedals work for my  live shows - I have several 4 hour live gigs  this summer. Seeking better tone is no longer a pusuit. Becoming a better guitarist and getting my fingers to learn new muscle memories at live improve occupies my time  .

Bill Ruppert

Still loving this box!
Comp and reverb are excellent. All my favorite amps are loaded in now. A+++
It is all I am using for guitar sounds now.


Quote from: Bill Ruppert on July 04, 2023, 11:12:32 AMStill loving this box!
Comp and reverb are excellent. All my favorite amps are loaded in now. A+++
It is all I am using for guitar sounds now.

What aspect of Tonex makes it superior to Kemper?

Bill Ruppert

First, I love the Kemper!
What I love about the ToneX is the small desktop size and the feel.
It just feels great to play.
Not sure if it is the reverb or something else, but it just feels very easy to play.
Other units feel stiff when A/Bing.
I do know how, but it does capture some dynamics as well as compression. There is a capture of a Boss CS-1 online, and it IS compressing even with the ToneX comp off.
I did some captures of compressors and it does some strange, interesting stuff.
Sometimes it also does a weird time thing, adding a very subtle ambience.
All in a very good way. Much of these things may be adding to easy playing feel.
(This could also all be in my head...but as long as it feels good, I play it!)

The plate and room reverb are beautiful, and the compressor is very transparent.



Quote from: admin on January 28, 2023, 09:32:10 AMHigher cost DSP required - becomes tough to compete with known competition above $1k

They already tried in 2007 with the STOMPI/O - that required a Mac/Win laptop as a host

Well,the stomp io is "just" a modo pedal with an interface,isn't it ?