GT-1B- What exactly is Tone Modify

Started by Dewdman42, May 31, 2022, 07:53:30 PM

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Can anyone explain more exactly what the Tone Modify FX is?  User manual is not very helpful.  Are these some preset EQ settings or is there something more to it?  The Resonators 1-3 certainly appears to be something more, but again, the manual doesn't explain what the heck it is...

I found another document on the net by someone about the GT-8, which has more to say about it

Quoteyou have to add just AFTER the preamp a Tone Modify and to set it on "Resonator", 1, 2 or 3. The first one add the richness of a speaker with a resonant frequency around 100 Hz (think of Electro-Voice); the second one add a resonant freq around 80 or 90 Hz (like in the Fender cabs); the third one has a higher resonant freq, which mimics the response of a Celestion G12 speaker...

Well that sounds fun, but I'm still trying to understand exactly what this actually does.  Anyone that can weigh in on that?