NUX -AMP ACADEMY NS-G6- Amp Modeler, USB Audio Interface

Started by admin, February 22, 2022, 03:16:05 AM

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NUX -AMP ACADEMY  Amp Modeler, USB Audio Interface

Owners Manual


NUX Amp Academy is also a 24 bit USB Class Compliant Audio interface with ASIO driver too - I'll be testing mine this weekend

Spent last 2 hours A/B NUX Amp Academy vs Kemper Stage

Have not used the NUX Amp Academy editor yet with my laptop- just using the fresh out of box factory settings for NUX Amp Factory - very easy to use has the important stereo aux Input and Stereo Headphone jack

Feeding NUX Amp Academy output into

either QSC K10.2 or FX Return of Mustang GTX100

Either work extremely well with NUX Amp Academy

Great tones , and cleans up nicely when lowering guitar volume- wish I had this in 1968

I've been using NUX products 10 years,  they deliver consistent results for my needs.

They are older than Neural Quad Core


Quote from: admin on March 29, 2022, 10:08:02 PM

The guitar solo at the end of this video is awesome. I actually listened to it several times. I don't think that ever happened with a product video before.


wow This is getting good reviews for a $200 unit. looks like alot onboard and a looper/ stuff. cant tell if effects loop is stereo or not.but headphones are which is great.