Maker Faire 19-20 May 2012, Bay Area USA - at the San Mateo County Event Center

Started by Elantric-fgn, May 16, 2012, 09:01:10 AM

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Maker Faire Bay area- 2012

We are excited to support the MAKE movement at Maker Faire Bay area. Stay tuned for details on where/when you can see all the excitement listed below. Not able to go to the show? We will be filming all the fun and load it here to see after the show, so log in and join this group to be notified when new updates, discussions and videos are available.

    Watch a panel discussion on Raspberry Pi with founder Eben Upton and your favorite modder Ben Heck on the MAKE Center stage Saturday, May 19th at 1 pm.
    See a Raspberry Pi demo- Visit the element14 Raspberry Pi page for the latest news and see it live at the MAKE Demo stage on Sunday, May 20th at 11 am.
    See a demo with Ben Heck- from The Ben Heck show on the MAKE demo stage on Sunday, May 19th at 5 pm.
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