Stereo Expand: Katana MKII "Power amp in" on K50 vs "stereo expand in" on K100

Started by isoneedacoffee, March 29, 2021, 10:43:23 AM

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I've searched everywhere for this info and don't quite understand why two Katana 100 MKiis are needed for stereo expand. In terms of "sending" the signal, it's more or less clear. I'm thinking more about the receiving end. That's where I have doubts.

According to the instructions, for the receiving 100 amp, one plugs a cable into the power amp in, and you switch to "stereo expand."

What's the difference with just going from a 100 with stereo expand into the "power amp in" of a 50mkii?

In short, is there some functionality that is happening on the receiving side when you press "stereo expand" that does not exist with "power amp in" on its own?


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Quote from: gumtown on March 29, 2021, 11:51:37 AM
3dB if you crank them both right up to full volume.

Is that because of the wattage difference? Or because flicking the stereo expand on the input on a 100mkii does something special?

If it's about the wattage, one could have the 100 operating at 50, and then it's negated right?


Normally you won't notice the difference between them, 3dB is the difference between 50 and 100 watts, which you would only notice the 50 watt model being slightly lower when the volume is at the maximum limit on both amps (which I would doubt you would play at that level).
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I was wondering about stereo expand with my Katana 50 Mk II.  Were you able to figure out if you can use the power amp in on the 50 to expand?

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