MS-3 - Momentary Dive-bomb

Started by jwhitcomb3, March 14, 2020, 07:53:30 AM

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I play a song in my band where I end certain phrases with a long slow trem bar dive, but the song sounds better on my (hard tail) Tele. I came up with this patch as a solution to give me a pitch dive by momentarily hitting/holding the current number button. FWIW, I'd previously done this with an EXP pedal to manually control the pitch shift, but this works without external switches (I like a more compact floor setup).

It also provides a good example of an MS-3 editor bug (Mac version). The Assign 2 "INT PDL TRIGGER" field does not populate. I have to edit this parameter manually on the unit. Is this also a problem on the Windows editor?

Anyway, it is a fun trick, and there are lots of applications for this approach. I hope it inspires some experimentation! Please share your variations.


Hello there! That's a great effect!

I wonder if you could help me.

I'm trying to make a patch in which if I step on one of the 1234 buttons, (ideally in the mode where you can use individual effects rather than relying on curnum), it will gradually decrease the volume over 20 seconds or so - like slowly moving your foot back on an expression pedal to fade out a song. Then when you let go, it will bring the volume back to full - exactly like your patch does but with pitch.

I tried making a patch and got into an awful muddle trying to set it up. Here's me trying to explain to a friend.

Am I heading in the right direction or am I overcomplicating things?

All help gratefully, gratefull received!