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Started by admin, October 10, 2018, 04:11:41 PM

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FireProof wrote>
Trying to think through some BASIC signal chains as a starting point or for templates.

Would love to hear your feedback on mine (things I might consider changing) as well as YOUR signal chain templates or "starting point."

Here are a couple ideas I had, with some comments:

Chain 1: Dist > Amp+Cab > Delay > Reverb > EQ > Comp
* compressor at the end ala Jason Sadites' approach
* could remove the distortion and use gain settings on Amp+Cab to free up a block
* could use global high/low cuts and remove the EQ to free up a block

Chain 2: Dist > Amp > IR > Delay > Reverb > Comp
*example of using the global high/low cuts to allow room for adding in an IR

Anyway - would love your ideas for how you plan to optimize your 6 blocks!!



QuoteJustin Hitchborn said: ↑
So @JiveTurkey what is the above chain trying to accomplish?

I want to route my acoustic and electric guitars through, and (hopefully) create single patches that can handle both guitars and process them both.

JiveTurkey wrote>
Here's how my signal chain goes through the Rack:

Imagine this is on the unit itself, not an instance of Native. Yellow chain is my guitar synth output into the Aux input. The Red chain is the regular input. I crossfade from one chain to another via expression pedal. It's really slick and the ability to add better effects from the Helix to my guitar synth is a huge bonus.



Mar 28, 2007
Denver, CO
I'm not 100% sure exactly how I feel about the release of the Stomp, given the lively debate earlier in the HXFX thread. It's definitely a pretty slick looking piece of kit. But as others have mentioned, this is released only a few short months after the HXFX and makes the HXFX the only Helix family member that doesn't have amps/cabs. I'm still not sure if I'd use the them, but it seems that @ChubbyJerk's earlier point(s) in the other thread gain quite a bit of validation with the release of the Stomp. I also find myself a little puzzled that the price is the same as the HXFX (the M series with the M5 comes to mind).

Maybe I just need to let the idea of the Stomp sink in a bit?

That said, while I won't be rushing out to get a Stomp until/unless the price comes down, I do see some very nice possibilities for the HXS and I'll be keeping an eye on it. It could let me replace my Zoom B3 that I use for PC audio interface/headphone practice at home with a much better sounding box, and it could be quite the handy pocket-sized "fits in my gig bag" pedalboard.

And imagine the possibilities of a couple Stomps in the FX loops of the HX, with MIDI control and a couple expression pedals.[/i



QuoteJohn Mark Painter said: ↑
Run it in DSP Bypass. That sounds great

soundbee wrote>
Not all folks want to AD/DA their signal when they don't have to. For me having "Analog Bypass" is a huge selling point. I want to use the FX in front of an amp when performing and use my "actual" pedals when recording. Why add conversion and latency...? Yeah, let's not get into that whole "it's only 1"/ms away from the speaker" discussion = doesn't matter, I don't want to deal with it while tracking. THANK YOU Line6 for including "Analog Bypass"... yes there is a bit of tone suck.. personally, I just use a buffered pedal in front - problem solved (mostly). Using a TB loop and the buffer in front = switching back and forth I noticed NO difference in tone... but there is still a slight difference with the DSP bypassed sound. When the input impedance (In-Z) is set to Auto or 1M the sound is a bit "brighter", "thinner", (insert adjective). But setting In-Z one notch down (230k) sounds dang close to me. YMMV as impedance has multiple variables: pickups, cable length, inline pedals, endpoint, etc... Bottom line... you can get the "Analog Bypass" to sound like True Bypass, but it might take something else in the chain.

That said, I want to also highlight (what I think) is an awesome feature... the Analog Bypass only affects the in/out jacks! So, in my case I run a signal back in the fx return and then use the Send 1/2 as separate outs (with an fx return and cab block) as "direct to mix" sound. This stays active while Analog Bypass is engaged ... THANK YOU (again) Line6!!! You seem to know me better than myself. I'm sooo digging this lil unit!



a2dconverter wrote>
Also waiting for HX Stomp in Canada... mocking things up to make the time go by faster...

I'm moving reverb and IR duties outside of the HX Stomp to allow more blocks before the amp...




Here's a pic of my new rig I assembled. The Suhr Modern Pro into the HX Stomp through the PS 170 into the DV Mark 2x12 has been great.



Mikey Lopez‎ wrote>
This is how I'm gettin down these days Kemper inside the Hx pushin some Friedman's and a torpedo


hi there ! is it possible to have 2 real separate chain stereo (one "input main l+r" and 1 "return effect" l+r) ? it's possible with helix floor and with ampero 2 but i guees not with hx stomp... what do you think ? thanks by advance - jp from france