Boss VE-8 Acoustic Singer ( looper)

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For singer/songwriters who play acoustic guitar, it's a competitive, crowded world out there. The VE-8 Acoustic Singer delivers that extra edge you need to stand out and shine, supporting you with professional BOSS sound every time you perform. Simple to use, the VE-8 provides studio-quality voice and guitar processing plus impressive real-time harmonies and looping in one compact, go-everywhere package. With such great sound and powerful creative features at your command, you're destined to bring down the house everywhere you play.

VE-8 Acoustic Singer
Compact, all-in-one preamp and effects solution for singers who play acoustic guitar
Compact, all-in-one preamp and effects solution for singers who play acoustic guitar
Dial in rich, sophisticated BOSS sound processing with simple, intuitive controls
Studio-quality vocal processing includes four types of ambience effects plus Enhance, chromatic pitch correction for live vocal tuning, and more
Create natural vocal harmonies in real time based on guitar input or manual key settings
Also includes a vocal doubling effect, plus more dramatic processing like hard-tuned electronic voices, distortion, and a radio voice effect
Dedicated guitar channel includes Acoustic Resonance, reverb, chorus, tuner, and various effects, plus phase invert and notch filter for feedback control
Looper function with 80 seconds of recording time and the ability to loop guitar and vocals independently
Memory mode for storing and recalling 50 favorite settings
Flexible connections for integrating with a main PA and stage monitors, plus USB for computer recording
Runs on six AA batteries or included AC adapter

The VE-8 makes it easy to get professional, studio-level vocal sounds right away. Just plug your mic into the XLR input and dial up some nice ambience, add clarity and control with the Enhance feature, and more. You can even call up hard-tuned electronic voice sounds, distortion, and radio voice tones to bring some modern edge to your acoustic performances.

With the VE-8's dedicated guitar channel, your acoustic axe will sound just as great as your vocals. Acoustic Resonance magically restores your natural guitar sound, eliminating the sterile piezo "quack" that plagues typical undersaddle pickups used in plugged-in acoustics. Reverb and chorus are on hand too, plus cool BOSS effects like Octave, Mod Delay, and more. There's a built-in tuner as well, a must-have tool for stage performing. And with the phase switch and notch filter, you have fingertip access for killing any feedback issues the instant they arise.

In a solo performance, the ability to create natural vocal harmonies turns heads and elevates your tunes to new sonic levels. Using the VE-8, creating these harmonies live has never been easier. The automatic harmony function detects the chords and key you play with your guitar, and then generates the correct harmony as you sing. Hybrid and fixed harmony modes are available too, giving you all types of versatility for different performing and recording situations. There's also a nice vocal doubling effect, a useful feature for adding fullness and presence to your voice as needed.

The specially designed looper in the VE-8 sounds great and is ready to support your performance whenever you need it. Just use the dedicated footswitch to lay down a percussive rhythm, chord progression, vocal counterpoint, or whatever you like. You can easily select your guitar, voice, or both for looping via panel buttons or an optional footswitch.

The VE-8's rear panel has a guitar input and XLR mic input with switchable phantom power, plus an Aux input to connect a smartphone or other device for backing music. Stereo XLR balanced outputs provide a direct feed to the house PA, while stereo 1/4-inch outputs let you send a separate signal to stage monitors or an acoustic amp. Both the vocal and guitar channels feature a three-band EQ and low-cut filter for shaping the tone to suit the venue, and it's even possible to send the two channels to separate outputs for external mixing flexibility. And via USB, you can use the VE-8 as a direct recording interface with your favorite DAW software.

With the VE-8's grab-and-go panel controls, it's simple to dial in sounds and settings as you play. After creating a setup you like for a particular song, just save it in one of 50 memory locations for instant recall while performing. The VE-8's three built-in footswitches control a variety of live functions, and one or more optional footswitches can be connected for further control if needed.


This unit is popping up in the "gently used channels around $200

There is a LOT more than meets the eye with his interesting Boss unit

Read the VE-8 Manual

It basically follows the same signal path Block Diagram as the Boss Acoustic Singer Amplifiers, but with a few unique twists for Electric Guitarists or those who use miked instruments, and


24 bit ASIO / Core Audio USB port has a mode to work correctly in a live situation along with Computer based plugins (Scuffham S-Gear, BlueCat, Helix native, etc) using VE-8 essentially as a battery powered 2 Input / 2 Output Audio interface

With a Guitar Tuner, Tremolo, Ring Mod, Octave, Slow Gear,

Use a  "Y cord to feed both VOCAL INPUT and GUITAR INPUT with your Guitar to use ALL the effects

and get Harmonizer, Reverb, Formant gender shifters

Stereo Mixer , XLR DI box

Reference for the very similar Boss Acoustic Singer Amp which shares many features, but in many respects the VE-8 remains superior



Quick Start Videos: VE-8 Acoustic Singer
Jim Bybee Tips & Tricks echo, guitar, guitar preamp, Harmonist, harmony, preamp, recording, vocals

Learn How to Set Up the VE-8 and Get Great Sounds Fast
VE-8-QS_Marquee2The newly released VE-8 Acoustic Singer is the ultimate performing solution for singers that also play acoustic guitar. It offers all the essential tools you need to sound great in one compact package: vocal processing, a guitar preamp and effects, real-time vocal harmonies that follow your guitar chords, a looper, and much more.

BOSS has just released a series of 11 short Quick Start videos that show how easy it is to get impressive sounds with this powerful processor. If you already have a VE-8, they'll show you how to get up and running right away. If you're still shopping, the videos provide an excellent rundown of the many cool features packed into this mobile stompbox. Read on to check them out!
VE-8 Quick Start Video Playlist

About the VE-8 Acoustic Singer

BOSS VE-8 Acoustic Singer.

The VE-8 packs a ton of advanced features into a highly mobile package that runs on batteries. Take a look at everything it can do:

Vocal Processing and Real-Time Harmonies
Four studio-quality reverb/ambience effects
Enhance function and chromatic pitch correction
Real-time harmony function that follows a connected guitar, a manual key setting, or both
Four different harmony settings provide various one- and two-voice harmonies
Also includes a vocal doubling effect, plus more intense sounds like hard-tuned electronic voices, distortion, and a radio voice effect
Three-band EQ with parametric mid and low-cut filter
Noise suppressor
Guitar Processing
Acoustic Resonance to achieve natural sound with piezo-type pickups
Three-band EQ with parametric mid and low-cut filter
Notch filter and phase switch for feedback control
Four types of reverb effects
Chorus, delay, phaser, tremolo, and other effects
Onboard tuner
Up to 80 seconds of recording time
Can loop guitar, vocal, or both at once
Looper is always ready with a dedicated footswitch
Additional Performance Features
Intuitive interface for dialing in sounds quickly
Three onboard footswitches for performance control, plus support for external footswitches
Memory function for saving 50 favorite setups
Flexible connectivity for integrating with a main PA and stage monitors
USB for direct recording to a computer
Runs on six AA batteries or included AC adapter
Learn more at the product page for the VE-8 Acoustic Singer.


Boss VE-8  - Q&A (Boss Japan)
(source: )

Q [VE-8] What kind of microphone can be connected to the MIC IN terminal of VE-8?
You can connect a dynamic mic or a condenser mic that requires phantom power to the MIC IN jack of the VE-8.
* Not compatible with electret condenser microphones.

Q [VE-8] What kind of guitar can be connected to the GUITAR IN jack of VE-8?
The VE-8 is designed for connecting an electric acoustic guitar.
It is possible to connect instruments other than an electric acoustic guitar, but depending on the input sound, the pitch may not be detected correctly, and the harmony may not be added to the vocal as desired.

Q [VE-8] Is the VE-8 effect stereo?
Reverb is stereo. Effects other than reverb are mono.

Q [VE-8] Can the VE-8 's ACOUSTIC RESONANCE effect be achieved with a magnetic pickup guitar or a guitar with a small body cavity?
The ACOUSTIC RESONANCE effect can be obtained even with a magnetic pickup guitar or a guitar with a small hollow body.
* The effect obtained depends on the type of pickup and the cavity size of the body.

Q [VE-8] How do I apply the VE-8 vocal effect "ELECTRIC" effectively?
Set the key (key) of the song manually or set AUTO (automatic setting) to ON and try again.

Q [VE-8] Can songs recorded with the looper function of the VE-8 be saved on the VE-8 itself?
Unable to save. If you turn off the power of the VE-8, the recorded songs will be erased.

Q [VE-8] When TUNER & MUTE of VE-8 is turned on, is the sound of the guitar and the sound of the microphone muted?
When TUNER & MUTE is ON, only the guitar sound is muted.

Q [VE-8] What can I do by connecting the VE-8 to a computer via USB?
If you connect the VE-8 to a computer via USB, you can use the recording software on the computer to record the sound of the VE-8, and output the sound being played back on the computer from the OUTPUT and PHONES jacks of the VE-8. I can.
* You need to install a USB driver compatible with the OS of the computer to be connected via USB.

Q [VE-8] What kind of audio is output by USB audio of VE-8?
With USB audio, a mixed sound of guitar and vocals is output. * The audio output from USB audio is the same as the audio output from the PHONES terminal.

Q [VE-8] What kind of batteries are compatible with VE-8?
The VE-8 is compatible with AA alkaline batteries. When running the VE-8 on batteries, prepare six AA alkaline batteries.
* Not compatible with manganese or nickel-metal hydride batteries.

Q [Driver] Even if a USB driver compatible with macOS High Sierra (macOS 10.13) is installed, it is not recognized.
The driver you have installed may be blocked by Mac security.

Unblock the driver according to the procedure described in " Troubleshooting-Driver is not recognized even after installation ."



If you'd like to redo the VE-8's settings from scratch, you can use the following procedure to clear the internal memory and reload its factory settings:

1. While holding down the REVERB TYPE and CHORUS TYPE buttons, located in the GUITAR section of
    the VE-8's controls, turn on the power.

         "Fr" appears in the display, and the [MEMORY] button blinks.
          NOTE: If you decide to cancel the factory reset, turn off the power.

2. Press MEMORY

3. Once "oK" appears in the display, you can turn off the VE8's power, then turn it back on and
    it will have its original Factory settings again.