Learn Basic Electronics Skills

Started by Elantric, March 31, 2017, 02:09:38 PM

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Being broke (no money) as a youth, I discovered I had to learn electronics before I could learn to build my 1st electric guitar, before I could learn to play Electric Guitar

So Ive been soldering longer than Ive been playing guitar  - and often assume others have the same skills.

Learn Basic Electronics Skills



Electronics for schools and hobbyists: The Basic Basics

Guide to voltage, resistance, current, measuring them, etc.

Table of Contents:

The big three: Current, Voltage, Resistance
Ohms law
Series and Parallel
Measuring I/V/R
Analogue vs Digital




Some of the EE graduates I work with should see these.
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I didn't know the forum have basic electronics tutorial.


Quote from: shannonrichards on February 15, 2024, 12:56:02 AMI didn't know the forum have basic electronics tutorial.

Me neither - this is something I have been looking for - always frustrated that I don't understand basic circuits or needing a tech for basic fixes that I should be able to do myself!!!


Not to mention the money you save on repairs that can be DIYed.