Firehawk 1500 owners GAFFER TAPE OVER YOUR MIDI IN & OUT

Started by lyndasfarn, October 11, 2016, 03:45:08 PM

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Potential Firehawk 1500 owners "BEWARE" GAFFER TAPE OVER YOUR MIDI IN & OUT
Line6 it seems when they find it to hard to do something, even though they have advertised it and put it in the manual, like the Firehawk 1500 can transmit 18 different MIDI CC#s for Global functions. They are telling me that it's a "type error"

See Line6 support reply to: "When will midi functionality as shown in Pilots Guide be available"

"I m sorry but the Firehawk 1500 midi features will only allow you to change patches. The info in the back of the manual
is not correct. I apologize for the inconvenience.
Will - Line 6 Support"

So if it doesn't work they will just say "The manual is incorrect"
I would call that "FALSE ADVERTISING" Line6 that is illegal.


I think we have less than 3 Firehawk 1500 owners here

And zero Line-6 employees

If you want Line-6 to know your thoughts


Yeah that's okay, at least 3 more Line6 customers now know that midi control is not a option.
It would be nice if Line6 were to advise the customer when things like this happen.
It's taken me months of back and forth with the service division to finally find out that the option of midi control (which was the main reason I got this amp) which was promoted in Videos and Listed in the Pilots Guide somehow was all a big mistake


So, my question is:  Which resource did they run out of?  Code space in the EEPROM or available software developers?


Update - in 2017 Line-6 has released updated Firmware and docs for Firehawk 1500

which resolves  the OPs questions re Firehawk 1500 has no MIDI control
Firehawk 1500 Flash Memory 1.30 is a free update that includes new fixes, stability improvements, and optimizations.


1. Shut down all Line 6 software as well as any software that streams audio, including, but not limited to: iTunes, Spotify, DAWs, etc.

2. Back up any presets using the Firehawk Remote App before performing the update.

New Features
Block Bypass, Expression controllers, and Looper functions can now be triggered by incoming MIDI CCs (MIDI DIN only). Please see the following KB article for more information:
XLR output volume can now be adjusted from Live Edit Mode. This was implemented to avoid clipping the ADC prematurely. It is set to -15dB by default, to provide adequate headroom for mid to high gain tones.
To edit the XLR output volume:

1. Press the preset knob to enter Live Edit Mode.

2. Scroll left to "Etc:ReAmp/MIDI/Main" and press the preset knob.

3. Scroll right to "Etc:XLR Out"

4. Turn the Main (Big) Knob to set the value.

Bug Fixes
Various bug fixes and improvements
Compatible OS: Mac OS X, Windows 7, Mac OS Mountain Lion, Windows 8, Mac OS Mavericks, Mac OS Yosemite, iOS 8, Windows 10, Mac OS El Capitan, macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra, macOS Mojave