Started by billbax, June 24, 2016, 11:22:35 AM

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I am still very happy with these things!

I got my first set 3 years ago (see post #54 above) and have been using theme faithfully ever since.
I had one cable that sat unprotected in my bass player's basement for about a year while we were on a break during covid. It's the only cable I've had any noise issues with. I started using the covers on that one when we started playing in person again a year and a half ago. It started to have some noise issues a couple of months ago, so I cleaned it for the first time since I bought it. (I also took the chance to clean the contacts on my other cables and devices while I was at it because it should still be done from time to time.)

I'm convinced that the dust covers have helped reduce the amount of noise that I get and greatly reduce the amount of cleaning that I have to do.

I bought a second set to protect the rest of my equipment and have some spares. They aren't expensive and they will save you cleaning time and aggravation from noisy kit.