VG-8 - How to Download old VG-8,VG-88 Patches

Started by Elantric, February 20, 2013, 09:01:57 AM

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Locate and download old VG-8,VG-88 Patches from the old here:
Click the link below, wait 30 seconds. Then browse for your patch and right click to save.



VG-8.COM Patches - (recovered from here)

All Patches are in original formats used 1995-2001

Most Patches are in V-Librarian format. *.sys, *.vgp;sa=view;down=19

*.wrk patches are in Cakewalk format

*.mid patches are SMF and require Roland SMF Player

You can not "hear" these patches without owning a VG-8, VG-8EX, or VG-88.

You may only load patches for the target device. Patches for VG-88 can not be loaded into VG-8EX, and vice versa.

More details here:

Read the "README_FIRST" text file for all descriptions

Get the Download File with all recovered patches here:;sa=view;down=71;sa=downfile&id=71

More VG-8 patches here;sa=downfile&id=27

and Join Yahoo VG-8 Group for more VG-8 Patches


So, it's been ages since I ever downloaded any patches for the VG8,  I've been on a Mac for years and have long since forgotten how I ever did this with my PC. Regardless, I no longer have a PC, and was wondering if there was an obvious, step by step procedure for those of us using the Mac iOS.  Any suggestions?