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Started by Elantric, May 27, 2012, 07:16:34 AM

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On Facebook Guitar Groups, must recheck any technical advice provided


Best $200 guitar I ever purchased

2023 Firefly FFLP LP with Floyd Rose w/ Matte finish

Upgraded the factory copy floyd ( which had a short 32mm trem block  )  to genuine Floyd Trem with taller 43mm block I've had in a drawer past 25 years, and swapped stock pickups for Fishman Fluence Classic pickups I purchased in 2019  for a different guitar - Tone push/pull pots for High frequency shift, and Voice2 - versatile. Rear cover plate rechargeable battery.
All mahogany , no maple top guitar ( like a genuine LP Custom) has a bit more high end. Matte black satin finish means its not a horrid sticky gloss polyurethane on the neck.
Factory stainless steel frets-   amazing fretwork , plays like butter, and 50's neck profile

Will give it a test at todays live show  with my band - should stay in tune



Given a choice, I always prefer lower output pickups. The sweetest sounding pickups I own are TV Jones Filtertrons in my Gretsch Brian Setzer Signature 6120- can feed those into a DI box and never experience the typical transient spike clipping distortion - common with higher wound Dimazio "Super Distortion" type pickups. 

I can hear the difference in Alnico vs Ceramic magnets- lower wound pickups have higher frequency response, while pickups with overwound coil bobbins often are too muddy, and lost clarity.

I prefer a P.A.F. humbucker with 7k-8k DC Resistance , vs the 16k high output focused midrange, and no top end types.

The Resonant Peak frequency of a specific pickup type often is the main characteristic which impacts preference for specufic music genres .

When I watch Youtube, it offends me that 80% of what todays guitarists think of as "Clean tone" is often way over the top distorted,  and when they kick in the Lead Solo tone, most result in a tone where you cant tell a Bridge pickup from a Neck pickup.

I end up bulk of my live playing with stock guitars, stock pickups, always add a few stomp boxes as needed (compressor,  blues driver, Timmy clone, Delay) into a 15-25 watt Tube Amp with a Celestion 12" speaker  and play all the music styles I wish to play, at any venue.

I tend to play more this style

Im not stuck in metal legato / chug land all night - my current band rejected a dozen guitarists because thats all they knew, and most could not play rhythm guitar, as they didnt know too many chords

Compared to other local bands, suddenly Im unique ;)

These are my general experience observations  having played and setup hundreds of guitars since 1967

More reference reading


Some of my current ebay  china project guitars

I prefer 24.75" scale fat necks, which these deliver

Rewiring the Firebird

Mods in progress on the fat neck SG with Floyd

My latest solution for playing live with arthritus

1 inch thick "Fat 58"  neck profile is stock  on Chibson LP ( $250 on Ebay from LS Customshop))
Then requires a few upgrades and setup ( Gotoh Floyd, Gotoh Nut, Peavey T60 rewire for coil taps , push push pots for bridge PU phase /Single coil select, Volume Bypass for Solos

Will add an internal GK Kit this summer - will use a spare Gibson/Tronical PU Select switch /Pot for stealth GK VOL , and two Shadow Kill Switch tone potentiometers for GK  S1, S2 switches = stealth GK Install



I used one in my 1970s Guitar Rig as needed






Ebay $250 guitar to be used for my next GK Internal Kit build .

Its ideal type guitar because custom pick guards allow testing/trial various GK  control configurations , and plenty of room for installing a Sustainer , MIDI Controls, and  reversible to stock. 
Easy access with top mounting on pickguard , and decent padded gig bags for Flying V are $29

8.12 pounds
Ok 1960s Profile Neck - seems nobody makes a Flying V with a fat 50s neck profile :( but this one is thicker neck profile than my Bonamassa Epi Amos Flying V

Room to install modifications

Wax pot stock pickups (Neck=8.2kohm), (Bridge=11.2kohm)
Rewire with
500k Volume (push-push solo bypass)
500k Shadow Tone Mute Kill switch
PMT HCP Dual mode Coil selector.
Full aluminum foil pickguard Ground

Swapped bridge for genuine Floyd , and added a tremolo stopper

Turned out pretty well - will add a GK internal kit