Variax Standard main board bulging caps

Started by TechFixer, April 01, 2024, 04:10:55 PM

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Hey All,
I recently picked up a bastardized standard off eBay. Works ok but the whole guitar was poorly relec'd . I mean really poor. I didn't care I just mostly wanted the electronics. However until I find a donor body I decided to clean up and modify the existing body. After removing all the electronics to work on the body I noticed  2 of the main board electrolytic caps were bulging. C90 and C107. Both are 1000uf 10v 85C caps. I plan to replace them with 1200 or 1500uf 16v 105C caps. Anyone else seen this issue?

To see the caps you must remove the 4 screws holding the board to the body and possibly disconnect most of the connectors.

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