Tube preamp pedal(Kingsley Squire) with Katana MK2 Head

Started by oooogie, March 22, 2024, 03:46:20 PM

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Is there a way to bypass the Katana preamp with a tube driven preamp pedal(Kingsley Squire) and still use the onboard effects of the Katana?
I've tried to run it through the "Effects return" and it sounds fantastic but all I get is delay and reverb.
I love the Kingsley pedal and would really like to use it with the Katana amp so as to eliminate the need for my pedalboard.

Conversely, would it be possible to set up an A/B box or some such so I could select the patch with the Kingsley in the loop(A) and then click to access the Katana patches(B)?

Lastly, is there a way to make it work with a 4 cable method. The Kingsley just has input/output

Any advice is appreciated and thanks for checking in. 

Brent Flash


I think if you plug into the effects return, make sure your effects chain has the FX you want after the send and return in the chain. You can use a preset chain that has this, or edit the chain however you want--which is an awesome thing for an amp to do...  of course, this presumes you have an editor app plugged into your amp.