Ed Sheeran Looper-X

Started by Elantric, February 29, 2024, 07:44:22 AM

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Appears to be an InMusic Headrush collaboration

Looper Modes
Multi Mode
Sync Mode
Song Mode
Band Mode
Free Mode
Load, Save, Peel, Clear All/Clear Track, Exit, Bounce, Multiply, Speed, Back Tracking, Transpose, Fade, Reverse

Volume, AUX Volume
Combo Inputs: 4x XLR 1/4"
Aux Input: TRS 1/8"
Phone Input: TRS 1/4"
Outputs: 2x XLR & TRS 1/4"
Expression Pedal Input: TRS 1/4"
MIDI Input: 5-Pin DIN
MIDI Out/Thru 5 -Pin DIN
SD Card Port: External SD Input
USB Connection: USB-B & USB-A Ports
Power Requirements: 19V DC, 3.42 A, Centre Positive (PSU Adapter Included)



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An evolution of the recent Headrush is what was said in the Anderton's video.

Have to say its beginning to look smooth enough to be a guitarists MPX ...
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Its apparent its a downsized Headrush Looperboard