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Started by DLW104, February 02, 2024, 05:14:29 AM

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Hi - I just got a GT-1000  and have a question/problem with patches.  Specifically, when you save a patch, is that independent of all other patches?  are the Amp1 and compressor block parameters only global?  The problem I am having is that when I make a change to any parameter in the compressor or in the Amp1 block, such as threshold, level, bass/treble, sag, etc, I see that change reflected in all of my patches where those blocks are used.  It's like it's treating those two blocks as global across patches.  So whats the point of having patches?  If anyone can help me out or tell me what I'm doing wrong, I would really appreciate it.  Its very frustrating!

For instance, i created patch U01-1 for bass with specific parameter settings for the Bass X-Comp in the compressor block.  I copied that patch to U01-3 to use as a starting point. Then I changed the compressor type to Boss Comp and changed all the parameters for ratio, output level, direct mix, etc. to get a different sound, and saved that patch as U01-3.  But when I switch back to the first patch, U01-1 where I started, the comp effect name reverts to the Bass X-Comp, but it keeps the comp parameters from U01-3.  The original parameter settings saved in patch U01-1 are GONE.  The same thing happens with the Amp1 parameters.  When I make a change to them in one patch, its like it stays stuck on those parameters and overwrites the parameters of the patch I switched to.



Oh, I think I figured it out.   Stompboxes.   When I changed the patches to not use saved stompboxes, the behavior stopped.   Those stompboxes are awful.  All kinds of unintended changes can be made if you use them.  Is there any way turn stompboxes off completely at the global level, or do you have to do it in each individual patch?


Each individual patch

I open the GT-1000 Parameter Guide PDF, and search on any term

Also review the GT-1000 tutorial here


I swear, I am so frustrated with this thing.  Now I cannot figure out how to make the LED colors work.  Despite what I have them set to, they are just doing their own thing and I can't change it. 

In Memory mode, all i want is a blue led over the number (1-5) of the patch i have selected, and the others off until I select that switch.  In Manual mode, I want certain colors associated with 1-5 when on, otherwise off.  Manual mode works. 

But in Memory mode, somehow I get no light at all for 1, when 2 is selected there is no light for 2, but an orange light comes on over 1.  When I step on 3, no lights come on at all but CRTL 3 randomly turns pink, even though I have no colors set to pink at all in the  entire color assign table.

It's totally whazzed up and I cannot figure out how to fix it.  Changing assigned colors in the LED color assign table does nothing.

I thought this thing was supposed to be customizable?

>:(  >:(  >:(  >:(  >:(  >:(  >:(  >:(  >:(



Deep dive here

With all Boss gear, its important to save your presets to your computer ( as Boss Tone Studio Livesets *.tsl files)

When you experience wonky behavior. Perform a full system Reset to reinitialze the GT-1000 to factory setting

System Reset is Important if its a used unit , and verify your GT-1000 Firmware is very latest  , and Perform a Reset after updating firmware to reset all memory blocks to a known state. Its an  important house keeping procedure ( many perform a system reset several times a year )  - then reload your work in progress patches.


Thank you Elantric!   That really helps!

Brent Flash


I am still having problems assigning colors to the different switches.  I do not understand how it works, the manuals are no help - "The illumination behavior and color that are appropriate for the footswitch function will be specified."  What the heck does that even mean?  How does it decide what color is appropriate to which function?  Because mine does seem to be just assigning random colors to switches all on its own, no matter what color I set it to for each switch.

For instance, I want to make the bank up and bank down switches always white, always on, all the time.  I cannot figure out how to do this.  when i set them to System and specify auto white in the colors, it only makes them white in the patch that I am on when I do it.  They revert to blue if I switch to another patch.   How do I make that white color global?  Do i have to re-set the color in every single patch I have and then write the patch, one at a time?

BTW, I performed a system reset when I got the unit and updated it to the lastest firmware version - 3.21 for system and 3.20.2 for Tone studio.  ALso updated to most recent drivers.  So it isn't any of that.


If you want for the BANK UP and BANK DOWN buttons to always be white, then set both the ON and OFF LED states of each button to be "WHITE".  Be sure to save the patch after making the changes. 

I don't like to see a bunch of random color LEDs on my GT, so I generally set the CTL buttons to be blue when they're off and red when they're on.

To make it more obvious which patch is on, I set all 5 patch numbers to AUTO BLUE.  This way only the active patch is illuminated in blue and the other four LEDs are off. 

I use CUR NUM to toggle the patch for a guitar solo (which is typically set to toggle the DIV CH SEL) so that I can hit a button on the bottom row with my heel planted for the solo.  At 65, I don't balance well on one foot, so its nice to be able to park my foot in front of the button when a solo is coming up and then I can hit it without even looking down.  Since the only button illuminated on the bottom row is the active patch I can glance at the board and easily see which button to hit for the solo, and it turns to red when its pressed for the second function so its obvious that I'm in solo mode.

If I don't have a use for additional CTL functions within a patch then I set the LEDs for those CTL buttons to off, and I make sure that the CTL functions are set to off as well.  This keeps the board looking cleaner because the only buttons illuminated on the board are the UP and DOWN buttons and the buttons that I will be using on that particular patch.


I'm still getting random colors and cannot figure out for the life of me how to set the colors to what I want.  They switch on their own randomly, and if i swap some patches around, it totally messes up all of the colors and I can't get them back.   All I want is the following:

1) bank up and down switches to be always on, always white.
2) ctl1 and ctl2 to be cyan and yellow, respectively, when on, OFF when off.
3) I use ctl3 to switch between Memory and Manual Control modes  - I want it always on, blue when in Memory and Red when in Manual.
4) When in Memory mode, I want numbers 1-5 to be Blue when selected, OFF when not selected.
5) when in Manual mode, I want numbers 1-5 to be a specific color when on, off when off.

That's it.  I cannot figure out how to do it.  I got it once, but then it all switched when I swapped some patches around and now all the colors are a mess.  Can anyone tell me how to set up what I want, above?   Thanks!!


Backup all user presets

Perform a system  reset , All Patch Reset, Stomp box Reset, PedalBoard Reset

Import each user preset one at a time, and test your LED Color choices after each import.


I will try that, Elantric, thank you.   Can you explain what the difference between Patch and System on the reference column on the Control Function page of CTL/EXP?  I don't understand what that column selection is supposed to change.  From what I can tell on my device, it does nothing.  Nothing is different in the color LED behavior, whether I have that button set to system or patch.  Nothing changes?


On the control funktion page you can select, which setting is valid for the current patch only or for all patches globaly.

Patch ... means, a certain setting is only valid for one patch.
System ... means, a certain setting is valid for all patches.

On the assign page the settings are valid for the current patch only.


Ok, thanks for that. Makes sense.   

Can you assign different LED colors by mode?   Like have buttons 1-5 all auto blue when in memory mode, but different colors when in manual mode?