Gt 10, LP studio 91, Marshall dsl5c, help with connection

Started by Miszi, January 29, 2024, 09:56:14 PM

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Hi fellas, I would like to ask for your help and tips. I'm amateur playing inside my room for +-15 years, I have some basic knowledge but all the time I think I do something wrong and the sound from my instrument isn't what I expected. I own Gibson Les Paul studio from 91 with 480r and 498t pickups, Marshall dsl5c amp and boss gt-10. I thought I've connected all this stuff like it should be. But it doesn't sound like all the other stuff on YouTube when people just play and it sounds really nice. Maybe I made some mistake or didn't take care of some things, and some of you have good soul and would tell me like to newbie how should I connect this stuff. I connect with 4 cables, using preamp of marshall, I can make photos of gt10 settings. Now I don't remember how I set the chain of effects, maybe there's a mistake. Or should I setup something different to use potential of my gear. Please sell me some tips and basic settings, I'm sorry if it's too newbie quest for you, I would understand if you don't want to share so basic stuff cause I should know so knowledge after so many years of playing. If u need to know something about my settings, I'll make photos and describe everything. If. You have experience with this guitar or amp you can tell me on what should I care about. I have my own ears I can hear a lot of things, but cannot setup it the right way, years of playing doesn't mean experience and knowledge... �♂️ greetings


Greetings Miszi,

I will get straight to the point, the GT-10 has internal preamp and speaker cabinet modeling so running the internal models into the front input of a guitar amp gives a double dose of preamp and cabinet, and will sound like mud.
An LP guitar is generally a high output level, a bit too hot for the GT-10 input default level (0dB), so in the GT-10 system "Input select" set the input level down to between -7 to -12 dB
now there are a few ways to connect the GT-10 and Marshall together.

1. bypassing the Marshall preamp and tone controls, and plug the GT-10 L/Mono output into the Marshall 3.5mm AUX, and use the GT-10 preamps and switch off the GT-10 speaker cabinet (as you will be using the Marshall guitar speaker in its cabinet). There is an output level control in the GT-10 for -10dBu and +4dBu, try +4.
Output Select option set to "Combo Return" or "Small Amp return" (which one sounds best for you)

2. use the Marshall tone controls and preamp, and plug the GT-10 L/Mono out to the Marshall guitar input, ensure the GT-10 preamp and speaker is set to "off" or "through". Make sure the Output Level is at the minimum setting (either -7 or -12dB).
Output Select setting to "Combo Amp" or "Small Amp"

3. Four cable method (4CM) where the Marshall preamp or the GT-10 preamps can be selectively used. The connection is
Guitar > GT-10 input,
GT-10 Loop S/R Send > Marshall input,
Marshall effect Loop send > GT-10 S/R Loop Return,
GT-10 L/Mono output > Marshall effect loop return.
Use two assigns per patch to alternate toggle the GT-10 preamp ON/OFF, while toggling the GT-10 S/R loop OFF/ON, so that you have either the Marshall preamp in use (if you can visualize the GT-10 S/R loop is the Marshall preamp) with the S/R loop "on" while the GT-10 preamps are "off",
 or the GT-10 preamps in use ("on" while the Marshall preamp (GT-10 S/R Loop) is "off".
Output Select set to "Combo Return" or "Small Amp return".

That should be a good place to start.
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Hey gumtown! Thank you very much for respond, it helps a lot. I will set the input of guitar. With 4 cables method I got it connected right, combo return, all cables on their places. How about tone settings in Marshall in this setting? Is it okey or maybe batter to use gt10 for it? I would add that mostly I'll be using overdrives, compressor, delay and reverb from gt10, preamp will be used from amp. But I understood how preamp changes works. What about chain? My settings: guitar-cmp-ns1-fv-pdl-od-s/r-ns2-fx1-fx2-cho-dly-rev then goes seperate to channel a and b and later eq-dgt-amp speaker. If u could tell me if it's ok I would be greatful. Cheers

Brent Flash


Hi Brent :) thanks for nice welcome, all best for you guys 👍
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Brent Flash

Quote from: Miszi on January 30, 2024, 09:32:49 AMHi Brent :) thanks for nice welcome, all best for you guys 👍
Btw. This Letter verification is dumb 😅
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When I write here, so I will take occasion and ask for one more aspect about my lp. Friend of my family was trying to repair issue with pickup. Now it works but I discover today strange thing. When I set rhythm pickup I can change volume with knob, if treble can change also. But in middle position works only one volume knob, second one doesn't change anything, maybe just little clear sound but really low. Is it normal? Shouldn't I hear exacly two pickups when adjust knobs?


A newbie may be confused with the factory Gibson wiring with separate Volume controls for each pickup

When the pickup selector switch is in the middle position, If either Volume control is turned to "0", no sound emerges from the guitar

Thats how 90% of factory  wired Gibson guitars operate.

Old school players would perform live  direct to Tube amp, no pedals and 500k Audio taper Volume pots in 1960s would crank Bridge Pu volume to "10", Neck Volume to "4", then play Most of the night just moving the pickup selector

Neck PU " Rhythm"Switch position , for rhythm during vocals

Middle PU switch position for crunch tone, but not too loud as the Neck Volume at 4 attenuates the Bridge PU sound, but since Bridge PU Vol is at 10. You still hear predominantly the Bridge pickup . The resulting sound is different than simply switching to Bridge Pickup with Volume on "7"

Bridge PU "Treble" Switch postion with Bridge PU Volume at "10" to play Lead Solo portion of song

Often playing into a Bright High Gain Amplifier. Many would run their Tone pots at "7"  or down to "0" for the the Clapton tone on Cream "Spoonful" . Vintage Gibsons used 500k audio taper for all pots. And .022uF ( 22nF) tone capacitors, which yield a bit more highs when Tone controls are at "0"- compared to the Darker, lower frequency  Fender .047uF (47nF) Tone capacitors, which often yeild a very bass like tone, when set to "0" , but lack of high frequency  clarity of a Gibson with its Tone controls on "0" - yeilds a decent Wes Montgomery tone

I prefer the Gibson wiring as thats what I toured with for live performance for decades.

Strats were of no interest to me , until I heard Jeff Beck Blow by Blow- then the Strat Vol knob is right where I anchor my pinky - its the first thing I modify.

Joe Bonamassa  demonstrates what I wrote above at 6:15 minutes in video below

In depth at 24:32 minutes

General Les Paul Setup procedure