9 series reviewed on the JHS Show

Started by arkieboy, January 05, 2024, 04:29:56 PM

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Slightly disappointed in this episode.  Josh is usually very thorough in his research, but there are several details missed - Nate Mercereau mainly (I think) uses a GR-300 (clearly on the album cover) not the 33 (iirc) pictured for instance. 

Still fun.

Maybe we just demand he does his homework and document the history of guitar synthesis properly ... ;-)

Also shout out to for @Bill Ruppert for providing Josh with notes and being generally awesome (but particularly helping develop the 9 series).
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Yeah Josh mostly went through the motions on demonstrating the 9 sounds on each selector. I thing all 7 pedals was too many for one video. At least the price won't jump because of this.