GR-55 Input Adapter : Normal 1/4 Guitar to 13 Pin Input . . .

Started by plexified, January 01, 2024, 12:06:03 PM

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Recently purchased one of these from Bill. Now I can use my GR-55 as a regular effects pedal for many of the patches through a normal guitar cable>Boss pedal... Amazing! Bill is so helpful and this product is the real deal, beware of inferior copycats out there!


Brent Flash


I have to interject here. Not long after I posted the availability of this product, Bill Contacted me personally to offer to send me the product. I was personally flattered and Bill told me that he appreciated my highlight of the adapter and I told him I was appreciative of not having to modify my rig. 

 The first thing that came into play was the set up. You have to set up a new guitar for the 55. Name it and all the parameters that work for you.

Now as Bill displays in his video you have a range limit in case your high on the neck or dropped tuning. The best advice I have is to explore what you have to work with. Because you have a huge range and the next level effects, just applied to a guitar input like the GP-10 is Uber Fat. Imagine a wave control or Internal pedal control over things . . . Three discreet delays, Two discreet chorus or flange on top of many other things that nobody offers you in a pedal. Try slicer on the internal pedal or MIDI options that are off the chain!

I Thought the guitar mags sounded great with additional hi-fi and detail, however it took a while to get my feet on the ground without the awesome features of the 55 in terms of control. 

Stop bitching and start creating, the sessions I played disclose Bill is a genious and the box is still THE KING ! So many still have no idea.  btw I own the GP-10,VG8,VG99,SY1000,RC505,GT10 and love em all.

The GR-55 is a box where YOU have to create the sounds, there is no way they can demo them in a few hundred patches as nuts as that is to think about, but its true. You need to demand what you want and create it.

I was a Marshall Stack, wah/chorus/vibe and loved it, then I Went solo. Then I needed more and went with a 5 track stereo looper. Never imagined the possibilities until DOVYDAS. That dude changed it all for the entire stage. Now, twelve efx and live control with a mic is what it takes to DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO LIVE. And that is what this whole thing is all about. Freedom ! Go find yours !

So let me say this, with Bill Baxx the GR-55 is STILL ! THE BEST BOX IN THE BUSINESS.

Six weeks of honest usage for the local "Open Mic Night" and it kills. I use to wow with the box and borg, now I show up and without the borg they are like wow, whats going on with the floor board?

So far, I ignore them and jam, again, without an amp or baggage and they are still wondering wtf is going on. Black Box is what they call me and thats so appropriate. Cause thats what it is, the black box and wtf is going on with it????? Damn its so cool !!

(Borg is the local nick name for the GK-3 'Attachment I have to use for the 13 pin rig. hex pick up, two midi controls and one rotary midi control that ROCKS! ) I lOVE IT !


The "Black Box" is still a fun name, however its a shift these last few weeks. Everyone thought the "Guitar Synth" or the "Black Box" or Just the Roland GR-55 was a Midi Dependant cable system that was a $ 500 dollar used piece or $ 800 new item and you needed the GK-3. With the help of Bill Baxx and the adapter I was able to show my audience that they too can have a great guitar floorboard and if they want to venture further they can. . . Many felt they were synth world first for a large sum and left with a boat anchor. . .

Enter Bill Baxx, he shows us you have the world at your demand and you can use it as you want to. . . Guitar floorboard only, . . . Check , No problem, Synth Only, . . . Check , No problem. Bass Guitar ONLY, no problem . . . Read that one again . . . Morph them all or use for exclusive recording techniques . 


Is there a link to purchase this on the site? I can see all of the other kit but not this cable.


QuoteIs there a link to purchase this on the site? I can see all of the other kit but not this cable.

Hi Antonuzzo,

Email me at the website to get things going. The adapter cable is priced at £30, and UK postage depends on which service used...special delivery or 24/48 hour tracked etc.


The latest P7 & P5 cable length is nine inches and has a Neutrix right-angled 1/4 for convenient GR-55 to pedal buffer placement.


GR-55 PCM note recognition per string with pins 1-6.


PIN 1 - A3 > G#6 Normally string TOP E.

PIN 2 - E3 > F6

PIN 3 - B2 > C#6

PIN 4 - F#2 > G#5

PIN 5 - C#2 > Eb5 Widest PCM note recognition.

PIN 6 - G#1 > Bb4


P1 H STRING SENS - Eb2 > C#5


P3 2ND STRING SENS - F#1 > G#4


P5 4TH STRING SENS - B0 > Bb3 Widest PCM note recognition.