Helix 3.70 released today

Started by Mrchevy, November 16, 2023, 03:47:50 PM

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New amps including Marshall 2203 jcm800, new effects including a long awaited Feedbacker and 2 new reverbs, and new cabs. Just in time for a Tone Master Pro bitch slap. Sorry, after owning the Mustang 4 and Mustang Floor, aint no way I'm paying $1700 for anything Fender.
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And, a lot of stuff I DON'T need


*Marshall 2203 jcm800 (stock)

We have a 2203 already but it's a modded version.  I fancy the stock version will be more suited to the gigs I use my Helix for ...

That, the greenback 4x12 and the Hiwatt cab honestly have me salivating.  The Nobels model is interesting too, but I'm thoroughly converted to Timmy so it will be a tough job to convince me its better!
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Helix/HX 3.71 (released Jan 10, 2024) includes additional important bug fixes, and is recommended for all users. IMPORTANT! 3.71 does not apply to HX Edit.

When running sufficient level into a Reverb > Dynamic Bloom block, audio clipping could occur—FIXED
The mono version of Reverb > Nonlinear exhibits a less-smooth decay than the stereo version, which is especially noticeable on percussive material. It also affects the stereo version if merged to a mono path or when utilizing a mono output—FIXED
When choosing the 30 Dynamic microphone at a distance of 7.0 ~ 11.75, Cab > WhoWatt Cab exhibits abnormal treble resonance—FIXED
Delay > Tesselator could exhibit unexpected behavior in 3.70—FIXED
Adjusting the Delay > Glitch Delay block's Time parameter could sometimes result in muted audio or other unexpected audio behavior—FIXED
Adjusting the IR > Dual block's Delay parameter could sometimes result in graphical anomalies—FIXED
Helix Native (Windows VST/AAX) only: Switching from certain reverb types to others (for example, from Hot Springs to Shimmer or Glitz to Shimmer) can result in DSP loss—FIXED
Other minor fixes and improvements