Started by Elantric, September 19, 2023, 12:33:16 PM

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I successfully can use a USB-C to USB-C video qualified cable to connect NUX MIGHTY SPACE to Android 12 devices, and record stereo 24 bit @ 48kHz USB audio. And detect MIDI over USB

Moving NUX MIGHTY SPACE controls generate transmission of MIDI CC# messages from  NUX MIGHTY SPACE on MIDI CH #1

Tapping the Channel switch generates MIDI PROGRAM CHANGE messages 0-6 , corresponding to Presets 1-7

Moving knobs generates MIDI  Control Change  messages

GAIN = CC#23 (0-127)
VOLUME= CC#24 (0-127)
BASS = CC#25 (0-127)
MIDDLE = CC#26 (0-127)
TREBLE = CC#27 (0-127)
PRESENCE= CC#28 (0-127)
REVERB = CC#64 (0-127)