Looking for patches for Normal Bass Input

Started by Piing, September 16, 2023, 06:21:51 AM

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I am playing one gig with a band where the bass player has no amp. He connects directly from the 5-string bass to the PA.

It doesn't sound bad by itself, but the uncontrolled frequency response and dynamics eats the room for all the other instruments.

I am programming some patches at my SY-1000 on Bass-Mode, to lend it to him. But I do not have a bass and I have never programmed bass patches. I can only test it with my guitars.

I have started with the default BOSS Compressor, and the AMP block. So far I have created 5 patches with the following amps and their default speaker:

- AC BASS (Acoustic Bass)
- GK BASS (Gallien-Krueger 800RB)
- FLIP TOP (Ampeg B-15)

Everything with default settings

We will have little time to test and tweak before we start the next rehearsal on Monday.

Any recommendations? Anyone has already created some patches that sound good with Normal Bass Input?



All my SY-1000 Bass gig patch set are for GK input, but I guess if the input were set to "normal" the patches would still work the same (except for an alt tuning one).

If you have the 3rd party SY-1000FxFloorBoard editor, in the supplied bundle of SY-1000 Bass mode patches is a *.tsl patch set labelled "Colz gig set_B".
Try these ones, they also have some type of synth or assigned function added, enabled by either an EXP pedal direct, or by midi cc# from the GR-55 EXP pedal.
Without an EXP pedal, if I recall, the CTRL 1 pedal will toggle the extra effect in some cases.

Make sure the SY-1000 has been started in "Bass Mode" too.
Free "GR-55 FloorBoard" editor software from https://sourceforge.net/projects/grfloorboard/