LUMINITE Graviton M1 wireless MIDI controller - guitar mounted

Started by shawnb, September 13, 2023, 11:13:23 AM

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Took me a while to figure out the On/Off switch for X/Y and 10 button wireless floor switch
On/Off switch for remotes are not documented anywhere - then found both are factory paired , and they expect long battery life
No "OFF"Switch

10 button footswitch LED near USB charge port glows during recharge, goes out as only  indication when battery is fully charged

A bit annoyed neither remotes have off switches , nor battery level indication

So like Scheduled Laundry day, I schedule " Battery charge day"

I miss lack of an HTML Editor (Morningstar)


Quote from: Elantric on October 13, 2023, 10:23:35 AMNo "OFF"Switch
10 button footswitch LED near USB charge port glows during recharge, goes out as only  indication when battery is fully charged
A bit annoyed neither remotes have off switches , nor battery level indication
So like Scheduled Laundry day, I schedule " Battery charge day"

The battery percentage is the small green number in the top right corner of the Graviton M1 screen, indicates the charge level of the last XY controller / footswitch pedal activated  8) (everytime a XY Controller or F10W / F6W send a wireless signal to the M1, it report its battery level as well)

Both the XY Controllers and Wireless Footswitch Pedals have no ON / OFF switch, but an intelligent power management instead, which automatically turns them on when pressed and off when not in use. (I'll update the manual with this so it's clearer)

I designed them with this feature because I once had a gig where I forgot turning on my other Bluetooth footswitch on, until I need to change to the solo preset and nothing happened.

If there was an off switch on the XY controller, users might forget to turn it off before putting the guitar into its case, only realizing the battery ran out when the next gig begins. (This happened with my guitar wireless so many times!)" So it's one less point of failure and simplifies everyday usage.   

The battery should last for months between charge, even if you gig everyday. I havent drained my F10W ever yet  8) .

Quote from: keitht on October 13, 2023, 05:08:28 AMI am loving my Graviton M1. It took a while to get here, I found a bug with the TRS1 as midi out (don't use it, TRS2 or TRS3 work fine), but overall it is amazingly powerful and easy to use. Still working on how I will really use it, but right now when trying different CC and PC tests, it is super fast and easy.
Quote from: BROCKSTAR on October 13, 2023, 08:09:23 AMSame. I've been using mine every day with gm-800. I check daily for updates on the graviton as well lol.

I've been busy with hardware, back to software now. Next update will be available next week, with TRS 1 MIDI Out bug fix,  XY Mirroring, A / B Toggle as requested  8)

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Graviton M1 3.2 Software Update

New Features:

- Toggling CC/PC Messages: (A/B Toggling) Switch between two different set of CC/PC Messages within the same Preset. Added Toggling CC/PC Messages will be sent when the Toggling On or Momentary On setting is enabled, and the Preset is in "Toggled Off" state (when the Preset name turns gray). Also works great with Momentary On mode for holding notes / effects.

- Invert Up / Down: swaps the functionality of the XY Controller's up and down buttons, making it so that X up becomes X down and Y up becomes Y down. This is helpful for players who prefer the up/down switching orientation to mirror the screen instead of following it.

- Toggle State Display: Preset Library / XY Controllers / Footswitch Pedals Screens now display the Toogle State (On/Off) of all Presets, which is useful for keeping track of all states at a glance. MIDI Editor Screen also highlights which MIDI Messages are active if Toggling On or Momentary On mode is enabled.

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a bug where TRS 1 Jack has to switch to Footswitch mode and then back to MIDI Out again after restarting for MIDI Out to work again.
- Fixed Momentary On mode not working (from 3.1 update).
- Fixed last changed CC value not saved in some cases (from 3.1 update)

User Manual:

Graviton M1 Software Update 3.2.0 User Manual

How to Update:

Go to Settings > Update >  Follow the on-screen instructions.
The update process typically takes 2-3 minutes. If it hangs up or takes longer than that, tap cancel or power cycle the device and try again.
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New controller out now!

The EC Controllers can be wirelessly paired with Graviton Series Pedals. They can be attached to your instruments with nano pads on the bottom. These pads work like geckos' feet without any adhesives, remaining sticky after being attached and removed multiple times, and are safe for all kinds of guitar finishes.

Each EC Controller feature dual Rotary Encoder Knobs. Each knob can be programmed send multiple Control Change / Program Change / Control Voltage Messages simultaneously, each with its own min / max / speed settings. The two push buttons can be programmed to switch presets, banks, and many more.

Fully programmable: With dual Rotary Encoder Knobs (each with a push button), that can be programmed to any Control Change / Program Change / Control Voltage Messages.
Smart software: Allows a single knob to control multiple parameters simultaneously, or vice versa. Each parameter can be programmed with individual minimum/maximum ranges and speed settings.
Low-profile design: Minimizes changes to the instrument's look and playability (compatible with whammy bars).
Simple operation: No need to wait for pairing before playing, no turning on and off— it always works the moment you need it.
Advanced wireless: 650ft (200m) range; encrypted signal; strong interference resistance.
Ultra-long battery life: 1 months per charge.


Just placed my order - Perfect to use for the missing controls on GK-5 installations


Quote from: Elantric on January 23, 2024, 05:31:55 PMJust placed my order - Perfect to use for the missing controls on GK-5 installations

I'm gonna get it as well when I get more money.

Just spent money on a boss dd-20 delay, a digitech time bender delay, and a walrusaudio fable granular pedal



New Firmware

Graviton M1 / M2 4.2.0 Software Update
FEBRUARY 1, 2024
New Features:
Toggling with Auto-Reset: Always reset back to On when switching away. And only start toggling On / Off after the first tap. 
Quick Block and List Layout: switching from within MIDI Editor.
Custom USB Device Name: Useful for multiple Graviton M1/M2 setup connecting over an USB Hub.
Swap Labels: Swap all Labels between Channels with one tap.
Show Labels Only: View important parameters only.
Rapid Tapping: (Settings > TRS > Type) faster wired footswitches reading at slightly slower display update.
Reset Settings and Reset All: Useful for fixing some bugs. 
Bug Fixes:
Fixed Channel 16 Labels bug, may need manual Labels swapping from user (from Channel N to Channel N-1)
Fixed: List Layout for MIDI Tracking screen.

keitht Index page for the online tools

I have created a set of web based tools for editing and combining parts of backup files for the Graviton M1 and M2 models. I hope they are self explanatory for the advanced user. I did this to make it possible to collect and transfer portions of backup files so that they can be quickly combined and edited. Open source MIT license, do what you want with them.


The RV Adapter mentioned in the manual has not yet been seen, so I made my own. Simple, works fine with the M1 and the GM-800. Might not work for other expression controlled devices. The raw M1 CV output is a 150kHz PWM 0-50% duty cycle waveform.


Indeed this does work with the VG-99 expression input. So for example this gives the Luminite M1 EC Encoder knobs wireless control of the volume of both the GM-800 and VG-99 separately. Or lots of other possibilities...



Well done! The M1 PWM output is only 3.3V, though, so your adapter might not cover the full range of 5V systems like Boss ?

The first batch of CV Adapters was finished a long time ago. It has selectable 3.3V, 5V, and 9V outputs, just like the M2.

However, there is a potential for user errors, such as plugging in the wrong jack or setting it incorrectly in the TRS settings menu, that could accidentally result in unwanted 9V output. (The M2 doesn't have this problem since it's built-in).

I'm redesigning it to include only 3.3V and 5V outputs (I think most people don't need 9V).
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I found that it does not quite reach the full range for the GM-800. For example, if you choose a pitch expression of 12 you will not quite get a full octave shift. Perhaps a slightly lower value than 1K would fix that. But of course there is usually not great precision in expression control so you could also choose a range of 13 and get that octave plus a little more. For volume control, not getting to exactly 100% is generally no problem.


Another way to get the full expression range of the GM-800 with the M1 is to reduce the values of R3 and R4 from 10k to 6.8k. This pulls the ring down to a lower voltage that the filtered 5V M1 output control voltage can match at 100%. The GM-800 compares the tip and ring voltages as it would if an actual expression pedal potentiometer was connected.


So I just put an order in for the EC controller! Hoping to get it set up as volume knobs for the boss gm-800 and the boss sy-1000