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Would you say the Connect is better than the original wireless TP?


I saw them this past Sunday in Chicago and have been meaning to post about this. He made frequent use of the connect and was comfortably blending in pads and leads with his base electric. Sounded wonderful. I'd be curious to know what he is using as a synth as I couldn't see that from the stage.


Quote from: Bluesbird on September 06, 2023, 03:17:46 PMI wouldn't say one is better than the other—just depends upon which features you prefer. I like not having to charge the battery or worry about battery replacement. Some have had difficulties with the wireless connection, so the cabled version offers a solution to that potential problem.

I have both and the performance is the same in terms of tracking and I've never had an issue using the wireless version either, but if I was on a tour and using it live I'd be much more comfortable with the wired connect version. McLaughlin was also sitting for the entire show so there was no need for wireless anything.


I despise laptops or ipads at live shows. So id prefer the GM-800


I'm sure I read an interview with JM where he mentioned about using the stock synths in Logic Pro/Mainstage 3.
Vaultnaemsae's SoundCloud:


I think that's right, he's been using this setup (or variations of it) for several years now and I also remember coming across him mentioning sounds from Logic/Mainstage.



Here is an interview/article where John talks a little bit about TriplePlay and many other interesting subjects: