Already recorded patch does not default to playing all three phrases--why?

Started by bigmolly, September 05, 2023, 10:50:36 PM

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I've had the Boss RC-50 for a few years, and while I am fairly adept at it, there are still some things that mystify me!

Currently I am seeking support on the following: Sometimes when I turn the dial to play a patch I've already recorded, wherein I have all three phrases recorded, it will not necessarily play all the recorded phrases by default. Sometimes it only plays one recorded phrase, and if I want to hear all of them, I have to stop and restart the whole patch with foot on both pedals to get it to play the whole thing. This is an issue because I'm exploring the phrase change mode to play live and be able to switch seamlessly from patch to patch...and for this is is necessary to have all recorded phrases play immediately.

Is this a setting that can vary from patch to patch and be recorded by use of the WRITE function?

Many thanks in advance for your insight!