Line Out Mod (Power Amp In) - Katana 50 MkII

Started by tbalon, July 07, 2023, 10:44:01 AM

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Interested in a line out to run to a board during rehearsals and or live performance

I saw someone who modified the "phones/rec out" so that it doesn't disconnect the speaker
when engaged. This person used the output as a line out while keeping the amp speaker working.
It involved a jumper mod to the pcb.

From the block diagrams for the 100, the line out comes after the pre-amp and before
the power amp section. The 50 MKii has a power-amp input that in that position. Has anyone
here modified the mkII to add a line out line this ?

Seems this would be the best spot and avoid changes in signal level if the master vol is


Line/Phones jack is a switching 1/4" jack - can ground the power amp mute line from the existing Line/Phones jack to allow speaker to not be muted 

Its the TRS  SLEEVE switching contact , it mutes when lifted from ground


Thanks Steve
      I couldn't remember how the phones jack/power amp muting's been quite a few years since I opened up my Katana head:-)