Roland VF-1 FAQ

Started by Elantric, April 02, 2023, 07:19:45 AM

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Bill Ruppert

That was a great box!
It did SO much stuff.


Yes, I love that box. I have one, plug it in occasionally and still plan to integrate it.

My favourite things:

Clean Heads bass patch.  You can recreate this on any GT series unit, it just uses the Boss Compressor and EQ.

Rotary.  It has more parameters than on any other Boss product.  The stock OD + Rotary patch is fantastic.

Space Chorus.  You get Rotary and Dimension Chorus in one box! [But not at the same time.]

RSS.  It really works, 3D sound.

Vocoder.  Plugging a drum track into one side and playing chords on the other.


Here's the Addendum for Speaker Modelling from one of the updates.

Bill Ruppert

I have to get mine out again.
It was so useful with all the eq and effects it had.
Thanks for the speaker info.


Wow there's an editor for this?
I have 3 vf1's. The Swiss Army knife of processing. From a PA eq to a vocoder.