GT-001 - My four patches

Started by Hammerhands, April 01, 2023, 03:41:04 PM

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Here are four patches for the GT-001.

I was using the GT-001 on the couch for silent practice.

I'm working on recreating these patches on the GT-1000Core.

The first is Super Base.  This is the patch I always start with.  I tried to make it sound like a Super Reverb.  If you turn on any of the effects, or switch the effects types, they should mostly have something usable in them.

Like Clean Heads is a bass patch, it is the Clean Heads patch from the VF-1.  It only uses compressor and EQ, I have NS turned off.

Harmonic Tremolo uses the Mixer/Divider filters and 2 wave pedals to create a harmonic tremolo. 

Super 2 Channels is the same as Harmonic Tremolo except the bass side is set to quarter-notes and the treble side is set to quarter-note-triplets.

Please note that switching to a patch with wave pedals taxes the MIDI and may slow down BTS.

Also note that if you adjust the target of a wave pedal while the wave pedal is active, you can randomly change all sorts of settings while you scroll through the targets.  It is best to turn the wave pedal off before adjusting it.


I Assume these patches above in the "HH" are for GT-001 ?


Quote from: Elantric on April 02, 2023, 04:15:47 PMI Assume these patches above in the "HH" are for GT-001 ?

Yes they are!  Sorry.