Saw interesting GK oriented gear splitter for sale on reverb

Started by aliensporebomb, March 30, 2023, 01:03:20 PM

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It's seems to be a Deluxe RMC Fanout box
I posted about their earlier products, and spoke with owner at 2018 NAMM SHOW


Very interesting, but it feels much too expensive - given what's available from SixEight, SeparateStrings and Primova - and having only one GK out feels like a missed opportunity.

I'm definitely in the market for a US-20/GKP-4 clone/alike: having separate strings out would be a nice addition; and a rack-mount presentation is definitely interesting as racking my SY-1K and GR-33 and using my Uno-chipped FCB would save a big chunk of stage space.

But you can self build using SixEight's board for much <$100, although Bill is revising his circuit his GKP clone + guitar in/out was <$150 and he does a version with 6x jack outs, and (given separate digital outs are already available on the SY1K) it offers way less functionality than Robert's GX-2 for roughly the same money.  

Didn't Piing effectively build one of these from SixEight's board!
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