All Hale the Vale

Started by mchad, October 22, 2022, 03:35:10 PM

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Quick and dirty demo of the Vale.

Arrived during the week and well...some sounds came out of it and it was time to open the DAW.

The drum sounds are from the Vale. Cheesy indeed but that's what demos are for...exposing the less than ideal!

There is a 3rd party loop in there. It's the transition turnaround between sections. The Vale definitely did not have that loop. And not that long fill introducing the last section.

All up the sounds are ok for the price. I like it for the footswitches and plenty of in/outs. The editing app is cool but I discovered a bug so updates are welcome.

And the track? There's a nod to Joe W coz the James Gang were the coolest gang in town.