Taylor ES2 - Love it or hate it?

Started by MarkFromHawaii, May 27, 2022, 12:38:08 PM

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About a year ago I got a Taylor 414ce through Sweetwater. It's a beautifully made guitar and sounds sweet unplugged. But once plugged in I noticed this awful squeaky sound as I picked, plucked or strummed that seemed to come from the 2nd and or 3rd string. I tried just about everything: Changed strings (it came with Elixir coated), tried different picks, adjusted the bridge saddle transducers, adjusted the EQ settings on the guitar and outboard FX preamp, played with the phase switch on the ES2 preamp, and tried a TC Electronics Bodyrez pedal. I tried to detune the squeak with a Boss GE-7 EQ pedal that helped a little. But alas, that squeak was still there. It seems I wasn't alone with this perception. On other forums this was brought up and one recommendation was the K&K Double Helix Solo sound hole magnetic pickup. So I tried it. Amazing! There was that sweet acoustic sound of the guitar in spades.

Now, I'm wondering if I just got a lemon or if the ES2 is just inherently a poor design?
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