Line-6 DL4 MKII Delay/Looper

Started by admin, March 24, 2022, 01:26:14 PM

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Delay Modeler
The DL4™ MkII includes everything in the original DL4 Delay Modeler, while introducing 15 new MkII delays drawn from our HX® family of amp and effects processors and both 4-Switch and 1-Switch loopers with up to 240 seconds of record time (expandable to several hours using an optional microSD card). There's also an XLR microphone input, MIDI In and Out/Thru connectors, heavy duty footswitches, three bypass options, and a jack for connecting an optional expression pedal or two additional footswitches. The DL4 MkII is also smaller and lighter than the original, making it an even more appealing choice for modern musicians.



Go to 3:30 for RE-201Roland Space Echo  demo


I'm playing many live gigs with 2 bands , and often pedal board FX  into 15watt tube and remains weapons of choice.

The DL4 MKII covers bulk of RE-202 sounds, with multihead RE-201 emulation, and Binsen Echorec  with Wow&Flutter controls , (and many more Delay, Reverb FX) as well as performing Looper functions, backing track playback from 4GB SD card, better MIDI Implementation,  USB Class Compliant MIDI over USB, 5 pin MIDI I/O, XLR Mic pre , Stereo 1/4" I/O, can use external footswitch and Expression pedal simultaneously @ $299



Curious price comparison and Roland / Boss mark up in USA

LINE-6 DL4 MKII = $299 USD
Roland RE-202 = $399 USD

LINE-6 DL4 MKII = ¥ 46,200  (Converts to $378.52 USD

Roland RE-202 = ¥ 44,000  (Converts to $360.49 USD